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9 Businesses For Teenagers Philippines 2024

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    Starting a business for students and teenagers in the Philippines can be challenging. Still, there are opportunities, especially with businesses such as online businesses for teenagers in the Philippines. In today’s article, we will be looking at the best businesses for teenagers in the Philippines.

    Additionally, we will cover some of the best online businesses for students and teenagers throughout the list. Finally, we have an excellent selection of tips for starting a business in the Philippines, including essential areas you will need to know as a business owner.

    9 Best Businesses For Teenagers In The Philippines

    Throughout this list of best business ideas for teenagers in the Philippines, we have included different business models requiring different skills. A quick tip from us is that, in the Philippines, the easier of businesses, the more competition you will have. However, unique skills, niches, talents, and ideas can take you very far in the business world.

    Blogging In The Philippines

    Have you ever thought about how to start a blog in the Philippines? If you have, I have attached some additional resources on the hyperlink above and some blogging tips and tricks to help you start a blogging business in the Philippines.

    Blogging can sometimes take several months and, in some cases, years to become profitable, but it can be a great source of passive income when it does. Additionally, there are many ways to earn money from a blog, and one of the most popular is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a huge industry!

    We have gone through how you can start earning money from advertising products in our affiliate marketing guide. Still, aside from this, Filipino bloggers can also earn money by selling their products and service.

    This is perhaps one of the best businesses for teenagers in the Philippines as it can be a very flexible business. Many years ago, blogs were one of the most popular online businesses for teenagers in the Philippines. Still, now many students and teenagers are looking towards other platforms such as TikTok or YouTube (more on this later).

    The most important thing when starting a blog is to have a specific niche that will help people. Take this website, for example…. personal finance is a massive industry, so we target businesses. Business is what we are good at. So we talk about growing your business through this website and earning money from a business in the Philippines.

    When you are deciding what blog to write about, a similar process is vital. What are you good at, what topics can help people, and what niche is not overpopulated. These questions will help you narrow down your ideas. Remember, if you want to earn money as a teenager in the Philippines, you will need to make sure that your chosen niches are profitable.

    Social Media Management Businesses

    So can you earn money on social media in the Philippines? Yes, it is indeed possible to earn money through social media in the Philippines. Attached are references where we have spoken about earning money on Twitter, TikTok, and how to earn money on Facebook.

    However, our second option for small businesses for teenagers in the Philippines is not to become an influencer or by reselling Instagram pages but instead by starting a social media business.

    There are many different types of social media management businesses. Still, more often, businesses worldwide outsource their social media management to the Philippines as they know it’s an essential part of the business. Still, they often do not have the time to build an online presence, which is where you come in.

    Many social media management businesses offer their service on Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, and many other platforms. There is the possibility for growth in this business which makes it somewhat scalable, but in some cases, businesses may require you to be flexible, which may not be possible if you are a full-time student.

    Milk Tea & Bubble Tea Business

    Milk tea and bubble tea are very popular across the Philippines, and it’s no surprise that many have started a milk tea business with massive success in the Philippines over the last several years.

    This could be one of the best businesses for teenagers in the Philippines. Still, it can also be challenging due to the location, business model, supply of your business, and customer demand.

    The great thing about this business model is that if you are a student looking to start a business in the Philippines, it can be started relatively small. For example, it can be started in a tiny kiosk next to a mall or the market.

    An excellent tip for those looking to start this kind of business is to focus on your location. For example, I witnessed a very successful milk tea business set up outside of many call centers and outsourcing centers in Cebu City. They always had so many customers. The tea was average, but their location was perfect, and this is why their business succeeded.

    TikTok Business

    TikTok is one of the most popular apps across the Philippines, and thousands of businesses are using TikTok for business purposes. This platform allows individuals and entrepreneurs to find their voice and use the app as a marketing funnel for additional product services or followers.

    So if you are looking at online businesses for teenagers in the Philippines, how can you earn money from a TikTok business in the Philippines?

    To earn money on TikTok is very similar to other social media platforms. However, unlike other apps such as YouTube, you cannot earn an advertisement income as a creator. To generate income, you will need to build an audience that will pay for premium content, products, or services outside of the platform itself.

    Over the last few years, TikTok has developed a business center and business accounts, including performance analytics, audience insights, and many other tools to help your business grow.

    Many content creators are now looking into a great strategy is taking their audience from TikTok onto other platforms such as YouTube. This allows you to receive income from the Youtube Adsense program.

    Will TikTok start to publish ads on their network and let creators receive an income from advertising in the future? It’s difficult to say, but it is impossible to earn advertising income on TikTok at this moment in time… Sooooo. this may lead us to look at other online businesses for students in the Philippines, such as…

    YouTubing Business

    One of the best things about looking at small businesses for teenagers in the Philippines is that they can be started cheaply and flexibly. One of the most flexible and cheapest options for a business in the Philippines is starting your own YouTube channel.

    Many entrepreneurs have one misconception that Adsense is the only way creators can earn income from a YouTube channel. This is incorrect.  It may surprise some people, but small YouTube channels can sometimes earn more than larger YouTube channels if they have a robust monetizable strategy.

    One benefit YouTube has above blogging that makes it one of the best businesses for students is that it’s often much easier and quicker to rank highly on YouTube than on Google search. Those clever bots at Google can sometimes take several weeks before your content is indexed, meaning that it can take several months (or longer) before you start ranking highly on Google.

    YouTube, on the other hand, is slightly different; with the features such as customizable thumbnails, video tags, and locations as well as many other features, it gives content creators the ability to reach more people quicker, which is essential when starting an online business for students in the Philippines.

    Personalized Item Business In The Philippines

    We recently spoke about how to sell on Etsy in the Philippines, and in that article, we spoke about what makes Etsy popular – personalized items. These items can be anything from homemade jewelry, stickers, and even candles.

    However, there are many other platforms to choose from aside from Etsy. For instance, if you are looking to target local Filipinos, you will find more success on Shopee and Lazada. We have documented both of these platforms in more detail and covered how to start the business using these websites in more detail. I have attached the full articles above for your reference.

    This is made on the list of best businesses to start in the Philippines for teenagers because personalized items often have low material costs, but once made, the overall profit can be substantial. In other words, the costs are low, but potential prices are high, meaning that your overall profit could be high also.

    One thing to consider when starting this kind of business in the Philippines is that some platforms will charge you a percentage depending on the cost of your item. This is also the same for online transactions. So, in essence, the higher the price of your item, the more fees you will typically pay.

    Flipping Educations Material

    Flipping educational material is perhaps one of the best businesses for students in the Philippines and teenagers because it is likely that if you are a teenager, you are currently in or have recently been in full-time education.

    It may surprise you that specific courseware is very popular with other students and adults looking to learn more about a particular topic or subject. Some successful entrepreneurs have started an education material flipping business as a source of income.

    The material being sold does not have to be material that you use. Old books and materials can be collected from other students or schools and sold to the right buyers. Perhaps a collaboration between a business owner and an educational provider may be a unique opportunity for a business in the Philippines.

    Electrical Repairing Business

    So what exactly is an electronic repair business? This business is based on repairing certain electrical products that are popular such as Apple and Windows products.

    The majority of information on how to repair certain electronics can be found online for free. There are also additional courses across the web that highlight common problems and their solutions. If you have a passion for fixing broken items, then an electrical repair business may be for you.

    Aside from this part of the business, there are also other ways to generate income from this kind of business, and one of the most common methods is by buying old and damaged phones that are no longer functional and then repairing them to full capacity to resell them at a later date.

    As you are aware, as we know, specific makes and models of devices can be incredibly expensive, so there is indeed profit to be had with this business model.

    Food Cart Business In The Philippines

    The last option is not an online business for teenagers in the Philippines but is a more traditional business model of a food cart business.

     We have spoken about starting a food cart business in the Philippines in more detail, including how much this will cost and how you can begin earning money from a food cart business.

    One of the biggest hurdles for any business in the Philippines is time (which we will be speaking about shortly when we go through the business tips for students in the Philippines). But briefly, starting a food cart business can take time, so it’s essential to assess if you have the time to turn this business into a success.

    It’s very similar to the bubble tea and milk tea business idea because the location is one of the most important things with a food cart business. Average food in a fantastic area will always beat high-quality food in a poor locational area.

    Tips On Starting A Business For Teenagers In The Philippines

    So now that we have covered some of the best businesses for teenagers in the Philippines, it’s convenient to have some successful tips for beginning your entrepreneurial journey. Thus we have included five simple but very powerful tips on becoming a young entrepreneur in the Philippines.

    Manage Your Business Time Effectively

    We all have 24 hours in the day. Unfortunately, many young and old waste hours on unproductive activities and habits that do not bring us the results we are looking for in life. When starting a business for teenagers in the Philippines, it’s critical to focus your time and effort in the right places at the right time. If this is not achieved, then business growth may be incredibly slow or regressive.

    Be Business Smart To Reduce Time And Money

    When starting a business in the Philippines, there are some things that entrepreneurs need to do, but there are also many things that entrepreneurs do that do not benefit their business.

    Suppose an entrepreneur is spending 2 hours designing a logo but only 10 minutes focusing on their marketing. In that case, the business foundations are broken, and they will have a challenging time moving to the next level in business success without reassessing their business foundations.

    Here is another way why being business smart is the way forward… Let say you are starting a business where you are teaching people how to use makeup. You will find that blogging may take you many months and even years to start to be successful as, on average, Google takes a lot longer to index your content than YouTube.

    On the other hand, you may benefit from publishing your content in video format to speed up your process. Not only will publishing your content as a video allow you to build your brand quicker but looking at the business as a whole, your customers and visitors may wish to view your content as their video rather than a blog post.

    Making the right decisions for your business is one of the important areas entrepreneurs overlook, but it can save you many pesos and thousands of hours. So if you have a business problem or are unsure what the next step is, focus on being alone just for a few moments and analyzing your situation. it could save you a lot.

    Online Businesses For Teenagers Are Cheaper, But Competition Is High

    So when looking at online businesses for students in the Philippines, you will most likely discover that online businesses are often much cheaper and easier to start. Because of this, the competition is often higher.

    This does not mean that nobody new can become successful as new content creators become successful every day. But what this means is that you have to be unique and different. This could be your personality or your content, but you will not survive being the same.

    Think about it like this…. why are you interested in a particular video creator or a particular blog or anything else… most likely because they have something unique about them, and they are different. As humans, we love novelty, A.K.A, new things; remember this when building your online business in the Philippines.

    The Best Small Businesses For Teenagers In The Philippines Depends On The Market And Your Passions

    Many teenagers and students face one significant barrier when looking at business opportunities: Focusing on a specific business type.

    This may seem like a straightforward question, but it is often overlooked. The simple truth is that entrepreneurs need to have a passion for what they’re doing as the excitement of money will soon decrease. If you are not passionate about the business, it won’t be easy to continue high financial success.

    Thus, the best combination is finding a business that you are passionate about while offering a business service or anything else that the market demands.

    There Are Many Different Ways Students In The Philippines Can Start A Business

    One piece of motivational truth when looking to start a small business for students in the Philippines is that there are many different opportunities in the market.

    One of the number one reasons students and teenagers start a business in the Philippines is to generate income or generate monthly cash flow. Business, however, is not the easiest, and some entrepreneurs may be better fitted focusing on building long-term and short-term investments instead of a business. In summary, business is an excellent source of income, but it is not a career for everyone.

    Additionally, for those looking for more details, I’ve attached a list of 300 additional business ideas for the Philippines and businesses for students, and other examples that can be useful when starting the planning stages of your business.

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