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What Business Is Good In The Philippines

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    What Business Is Good In The Philippines: As we look into the future of business in the Philippines, we are left with many questions. One extremely common question is what business is good in the Philippines right now?

    There are several fast-growing industries in the Philippines. As a result, the demand for certain products and services has increased, so with the latest statistics and business reports in our hands, let’s take a look at 7 good businesses in the Philippines you can start right now.

    Good Businesses In The Philippines

    1. Affiliate Marketing Businesses

    Over the years, affiliate marketing has become more and more popular. Businesses know just how important social proofing is in the Philippines. An average product may have phenomenal sales if it has a strong affiliate marketing program. If you are looking to start an affiliate marketing business, you may be interested in looking at our beginners guide for some handy hints and tips.

    The great thing about starting an affiliate marketing business (and why this is a good business in the Philippines) is that affiliate marketing can be started very easily. In fact, it is one of the easiest businesses to start in the Philippines. And thanks to affiliate marketing networks, you can get started promoting products and services within an hour!

    When starting an affiliation market business, the most challenging part is to build an audience. An audience can tell a legitimate and honest affiliate marketer from one who focuses on earning from their audience. Hence, it is always best to be open and honest when giving reviews and referring products. Even if you make less commission on a product, your genuine attitude may lead to more sales and more income overall.

    2. Exporting From The Philippines

    Exporting in the Philippines is a massive business, and when looking at what business is good in the Philippines, exporting ticks many boxes. The Philippines is abundant with different products, including products such as bananas and coconuts or hardware such as microprocessors and monitors.

    One downside when starting any kind of business is that there will always be challenges. Exporting can be tricky for beginners as there are several hurdles to flip through; however, if you can put in the time and effort and bring your resources together, it is entirely possible to start a profitable exporting business in the Philippines.

    One of the major advantages is that (depending on your product) an exporting business can be highly profitable. Of course, the return of an investment will differ from product to product, but you will find that you are still left with a sizeable profit even after the fees and taxes have been taken away. As a result, many countries rely on the Philippines for essential products, and this trend continues as we look into 2030 and beyond.

    3. A Small Coffee Related business

    If you are looking for small business ideas in the Philippines, you can’t go wrong with a coffee-related business. The demand for coffee businesses and services has never been higher. Therefore, starting your very own cafe business or coffee kiosk is a fantastic idea if you can find the demand and build a solid customer base.

    • Becoming A Coffee Supplier
    • Dropshipping Coffee Machinery
    • Opening A Coffee Kiosk In The Philippines
    • Selling White Label Coffee Equipment
    • Starting A Cafe Business
    • Starting Your Own Coffee Bean Farm

    Above are a few different coffee-related business ideas in the Philippines for beginners. Of course, when looking at what business is good in the Philippines, it’s always important to fully research the market for opportunities and risks. However, the good news is that we have released a simple guide on how to market research in the Philippines, which is perfect for those looking to start a small business.

    4. Online Content Creating

    So what exactly is online content creating, and how can you make money from writing in the Philippines? The good news is that writing is only one form of content. You can earn money in the Philippines in several different ways, including audio, video, and much more.

    Content creating can be turned into a profitable small business in the Philippines with minimal fees. This is why online content creation is a good business idea in the Philippines. However, one area to consider is time. It can take many months or years to grow a content-creating business. But once content creation businesses have grown, they can be leveraged into a source of passive income.

    With all good business ideas in the Philippines comes strategic planning. Some types of content work better on some platforms than others. For example, if you teach people how to draw, your content will do very well in a video format but not so well in an audio format. On the other hand, interviews can do very well on podcasts but less well on a blog post.

    5. Essential Service Businesses

    So what is an essential service business in the Philippines? Essential services can cover many different services across multiple industries, but they are often high in demand and essential services.

    In the Philippines, taxation is a complex topic for many businesses and investors, and therefore, an essential service is offering taxation support. Other similar services in this industry include bookkeeping and accounting services. Therefore, when looking at good business ideas and easy business ideas in the Philippines, it is important to look at the market and what is currently being offered.

    For those looking to publish a book, printing services are essential. For those who are looking to invest, investment services are key. For those looking to grow their business, marketing services are vital. Entrepreneurs will always need to ensure a demand before creating a service-based business in the Philippines.

    6. Niche Dropshipping Businesses

    Dropshipping has been a popular business globally for many years. The advancements in artificial intelligence and robust software make it even easier to start a niche dropshipping business in the Philippines. The keyword here is niche. Some entrepreneurs can create fantastic stores without choosing a niche but niching down has advantages.

    Previously we looked into the process of setting up this type of business and followed up with a jampacked article on the best wholesale suppliers locally. I have added the links for these articles above for your reference.

    Because dropshipping can be a very lucrative business, you may wish to think about the idea of branching the service overseas. Dropshipping can work very well in the Philippines; however, some fantastic opportunities overseas are also available. In addition, the delivery fees and any taxation involved are often good places to start during the development stages.

    7. Coding Based Businesses

    In this digital world, you may be wondering what business is good in the Philippines? In terms of technology, coding-based services are some of the most highly demanded services in recent years. This is because learning to code in the Philippines has gotten a lot easier, and now there are tonnes of free information online on how to grow this type of business and service.

    However, just like every type of business in the Philippines, you will find several different industries and niches. Therefore, if you are a beginner business, you may want to focus on a certain type of business (AKA, your coding expertise/niche). This will help you narrow down your scope of business and help you scale much easier.

    Freelancing platforms offer some fantastic opportunities for coding experts. Furthermore, as outsourcing is booming, more and more businesses are looking to outsource their coding tasks to the Philippines. This is why software and development businesses are good business ideas in the Philippines.

    What Business Is Good To Franchise In The Philippines

    When determining what business is good to franchise, it’s important to consider the current demand and supply. Of course, these elements will differ from area to area. Still, in general, coffee franchising, bubble tea franchising, and small snack franchising offer the biggest opportunities in the current Filipino market.  

    Determining if a franchising business is good also comes down to profitability, which changes from business to business. For example, some franchising businesses in the Philippines have low royalty rates and fees while, at the same time, some have extraordinarily high fees. – Fees will impact profit. However, this also must be carefully balanced with the demand for the product/franchising brand.

    What Business Is Good In The Philippines