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20 Businesses Philippines With A 50K Capital

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    Businesses in the Philippines are a hot topic! The great thing is many businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital that you could start.

    Today we are going through the hottest businesses in the Philippines with a 50K capital! One of two of these businesses may seem slightly over the 50K, but that is not the case because you could keep many costs down if you can move certain parts of the company online or find cheaper ways how to do the same process more on that later!

    We will also go over some exclusive tips for these businesses in the Philippines with 50k capital!

    Best businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital

    1. Start An Accounting Business For 50K Capital

    When looking at businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital, you might be interested in this unique opportunity. An accounting business helps business customers with their accounting needs. Due to the expansion of the Philippines’ business sector, more accounting services are in demand.

    2. Launch A Affiliate Business In The Philippines

    An affiliate business is a way you can earn a commission from the sale of other people’s products. You will receive a commission for each sale. There are also many other affiliate websites and other brands that offer this program.

    3. Open An Online Language School

    Online English schools are one of the best businesses in the Philippines for many reasons. I am a customer & I have used the services of an online language school in the past. The great thing about Filipinos is their level of English. Therefore, some foreigners visit The Philippines for the sole purpose of learning English. There are many routes open for income for this business model.

    4. Start An Insurance Comparison Website With 50k Capital

    As we know, insurance is a must. However, there are many different insurance companies in the market. With an insurance comparison website, you can allow customers to find the best deal for their money. This is one of the hottest businesses in the Philippines, with a 50k capital due to the possible financial opportunities.

    5. Become A Coffin Manufacturer In The Philippines

    There’s one thing that we will all experience, and that is death. As you know, funerals can be quite expensive. So if you can undercut the competition or even export your products, you may value in this industry.

    6. Open A Small Smoothie Kiosk Business In The Philippines

    One of the most popular growing businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital is a smoothie kiosk / café. Even though this business is cheaper than some on the list, it is still not cheap. There are equipment and packaging to purchase as well as rental costs for your locations. If, however, you can find the right spot, you may have an opportunity to grow.

    7. Start And Grow A Public Speaking Business

    Public speaking is an art and very profitable art. However, if you are an expert communicator and talk about a topic that people want to hear about, this can be an excellent long-term business. Public speaking is one of the best businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital and is one of the scariest for many people!

    8. Open A Dancing Class Business In The Philippines

    If you enjoy teaching, then a great business in the Philippines is to open a dance class studio. You can then open this up to teach group classes and even tailor your class to target fitness/weight loss areas.

    9. Become A Lazada Business Seller With 50K Capital

    Lazada is a great place to sell new equipment, personal grooming items, clothing, and everyday items. However, there is a selling fee, and you will need to make sure individual costs have been accounted for. Lazada is growing; therefore, we feel Lazada is one of the best businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital as you can start relatively small and scale when required. Moreover, I believe Lazada has more growth over the next few years, reaching other parts of Asia and offering additional services.

    10. Become A Drone Distributor

    Drones are becoming popular, especially in the travel industry. As a result, some people are using their drones to sell their footage to businesses. As a drone distributor, you can sell your products to the demanding market.

    11. Start A Virtual Assistant Business For 50K In The Philippines

    Thanks to technology, virtual assistant businesses have been on the rise in recent years. Projections for the next 5 to 10 years highlight growth in this area. More companies and even smaller businesses are looking for V.A. to help with their day-to-day operations. V. A Business is one of the best businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital because 50K will allow you to market and set up your business with a lot of spare cash.

    12. Launch A Sports Ecommerce Store

    An alternative to a sports equipment brand is a sports eCommerce store. Again, you could focus on one single product or multiple products. But as this business can be cheap (especially if you are drop shipping), there are many rivalries.

    13. Start A Social Media Marketing Business For 50K Capital

    Our first business idea for the Philippines is in the form of media marketing. This business has a primary role in increasing sales or brand recognition through the power of social media. Some companies also offer services that cover all 3 of these social media business types above.

    14. Become A Nutritional Coach

    As much as I love Filipino food, and trust me, I do! But, I must be honest and admit it is not always the healthiest. It is effortless to pack on the extra weight and can sometimes be challenging to lose it. Nutritional coaches are more in demand across the world for this very reason. This is one of the potentially hottest businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital due to the recent global news. I believe there will be an even higher demand for healthy eating in the months and years to come because of how the world is living.

    15. Start A Small Laundry Business In The Philippines

    Often laundry businesses run based on the weight of the laundry. However, the data shows that laundry business profitability is determined by its location. In other words, it shows us that laundry businesses that are set up in tourist areas make the most cash on average. Potentially one of the best businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital because start-up costs can be low, and there may be room for growth with the right strategy.

    16. Become A Homemade Soap Distributor In The Philippines

    Soap is relatively cheap. A route open to you is to tailor the soap to a customer’s demands. One step future would be to package certain soaps together in a bouquet, and then you can provide more value than standard soaps.

    17. Start As a Spiritual Coach Or Healer Business

    Spirituality takes many forms. It’s a wrong assumption that spirituality is only for religious people. Meditation, crystal, and community are all great ways coaches can earn money from this practice.

    18. Start A Small Hair Removal Services With 50K Capital

    One business that has been increasing in most parts of the Philippines is a hair removal business. There are many ways to remove hair; therefore, you can generate many different types of income. Is this one of the best businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital? Yes, but costs will need to remain low in order not to go over 50,000 pesos. Therefore offering home services or a small salon is most defiantly a cheaper option.

    19. Start An Online Appointment Software Company

    Online appointment software is a very crucial piece of equipment for businesses that rely on online appointments. If you can tailor your software to cover the Filipino market (as many current software companies are based on U.S. businesses), then you can step ahead of the game when it comes to selling to local businesses.

    20. Become An Online Broker In The Philippines

    Online brokers are becoming increasingly popular. The great thing about brokers is that they cover a vast range of areas. For example, you could be a real estate broker in the Philippines stock exchange or even an importer broker. The list is extensive.

    Tips For The Best Businesses In the Philippines With A 50k Capital

    Give To Get

    When you start a business, unless you have lots of capital to market your product or service to the masses, many people won’t know about your business. Therefore, the first thing you should do (If possible) would be to give to get, in other words, give your product or service for free to potential customers.

    Some people don’t like this idea and feel it’s a bit old school’, but there is a reason why this is so valuable. First, it will allow you to test different products and services and build your business reviews from customers, which are considered mandatory in companies. Just think how many times you have not visited a restaurant or brought those products because it has negative reviews or no reviews at all.

    It’s one of the first things a new buyer will look at. So, put every effort into building your review/feedback list. This will apply to all of the businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital we have spoken about today.

    Work With Companies In Your Network

    Many businesses are afraid to team up with other companies, and I understand why but, teaming up could bring in more customers and opportunities. Why? There have been countless examples of brands across the world teaming up for projects such as saving the ocean from plastic or teaming up on special days such as mother’s day…

    These events are generally for a great cause. So it was teaming up; however, it also has added benefits. And that is getting your business recognized. This is especially important for the best businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital.

    If you don’t like the sound of this idea, then you could take this a step down and team up with people who are in the same kind of industry but not direct competition. For instance, if you had a food cart business in the city near the local malls and you sell milk tea .. you could speak to another business owner 50 yards away from you who only sells chicken and rice… you would make a perfect team as your customers can become theirs and Vice-versa. This is an example of how business arrangements can work to benefit both parties.

    Understanding & Using Leverage

    Leverage comes in many forms, so we are going to keep this business tip specific and straightforward. In the Philippines, starting a new business is expensive. Let’s face it, there are registration costs, equipment and supplier costs, marketing costs, and loads more!

    This is especially true when we focus on the best businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital. Using leverage correctly can significantly help start your business and take your business to the next level.

    Use Human Psychology To Your Advantage

    Recently, I saw a social media post that said the following… “Sell to people’s emotions and not through logic as people buy emotionally, not always logically.” So, in the first business tip, we talked about giving your products or service to gain in the future.

    Why did I tell you about this? That’s right because it’s a psychological trick. When you give something away, no matter how small, people are inclined to pay you back. Sadly, this does work for everyone, but some people will buy and become your customer.

    Even a simple hello and smile could make your business customer return. I indeed travel 8 miles to go to a barber just because they always give me a small coffee and a cookie! Of course, the price and haircut are standard for the area, but the service and the way they make me feel keeps me coming back for me.

    Using The 80/20 Law

    For those of you who haven’t heard of the 80/20 law, let me briefly explain. 80/20 law is a universal law such as the law of karma or the law of cause and effect. The law states that 80% of your effort delivers 20% of your results. Here are a few examples of 80/20 in practice

    • 20% of your thoughts lead to 80% of your actions
    • 80% of a company’s output is produced by 20% of its workers
    • 20% of your customers will generate 80% of your profit

    So when we look at these points, it gives us an excellent opportunity to think about our business and what we should or could be doing.

    Build Profit Then Protect Profit

    Strengthen profits: You have a business, and you see that one product or type of service you are offering brings in much of your income. That’s great! What beginner business owners sometimes do is focus on the areas that are not selling as well and not focus on the big money-making product/service as much. Even though strengthening your weak products or services is a good idea, it’s even more essential to promote you, a big moneymaker.

    Protection: The good idea is to focus on areas that will strengthen your brand. Look at building better connections, and finding cheaper and more effective ways to deliver your service and products. Also, add protections by having a backup strategy for different systems in your empire.

    Go Social

    I once met a guy who made over 200,000 in profit over six months using social media and never once paid for advertisement! His business was simple. He made personalized shoes. Usually, these shoes were for sport and had no brand. But he was great with designing and often added names, titles, and even quotes!

    He advised me the first step was to build the following, which was the hardest, so he joined groups and began to comment, offer support and only promote his services 5% of the time. After that, he became a pro contributor on many pages and groups on Facebook and started doing videos that people shared across social media.

    After two months, he saw his live video stream go from 4-5 views to over 3000, then 8K, and so on. He showed his viewers how he made the shoes, and it was a very satisfying video to watch many customers make orders, and he did exceptionally well!

    businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital
    businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital
    businesses in the Philippines with a 50k capital