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10 Cheapest Business To Start Philippines 2024

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    Cheapest Business To Start In The Philippines: Starting your very own business is an exciting experience for new entrepreneurs. Still, as you may be aware, some businesses can be expensive to start but suppose you don’t have the capital. What do you do then?

    Today we will be exploring this question by going over the cheapest business to start in the Philippines and how much each business costs.

    It’s often recommended before starting a cheap business in the Philippines to have a specific niche. This is because when businesses are easy to start, there is often a great deal of competition, so it’s recommended to research how you can make yourself different when starting a cheap business in the Philippines.

    Cheapest Business To Start In The Philippines

    Start a cheap or free Blog in the philippines

    Estimated Start Up Cost: 0 – 450 Pesos

    Blogging is perhaps one of the most well-known and exciting opportunities for those who have a message. Blogging can indeed be a very scalable business, and you may get to the position where your blog grows large enough that you need to hire additional writers.

    Previously, we have spoken on other articles about starting a blog in the Philippines, and we have covered how you can start blogging for free. I have attached both of these articles above for your reference.

    Even though blogging can be started for free, starting a free blog can lack certain features. It may hinder your growth; nonetheless, if you are unsure whether a cheap business in the Philippines, such as blogging, is right for you or not, it is a great idea to “test the water” with a free blogging site.

    Start Affiliate Marketing in the philippines for free

    Estimated Start Up Cost: Free

    Affiliate marketing is an extensive business in the Philippines. If you are looking to become a successful affiliate marketer in the Philippines and earn money online, I recommend a company called Involve Asia. They are the leading affiliate marketing platforms for Asia and the Philippines.

    They work with some of the biggest brands such as Lazada, Shopee, Adidas, etc. The great thing about working with this company is that it can be started for free. Affiliate marketing is a predominantly accessible business to start and goes very well with a blog or YouTube channel.

    When starting an online business in the Philippines, take a few moments to focus on the affiliate products you could work with. You will find that some ideas may not be profitable while others can be highly profitable.

    Open A Social Media Influencing Business

    Estimated Start Up Cost: Free

    Our next cheapest business to start in the Philippines is a social media influencer business. When we think about social media influencers, we tend to think of a person or celebrity, but an influencer can be a business or a niche-specific page in some cases.

    When Filipino Wealth first started our blog, we contacted an influencer with a Meme page dedicated to Filipinos. They only had 20,000 followers at the time but had the audience we were looking for.

    Suppose you can build the traffic of any kind, whether, on social media, blog, or any other online platform, it is possible to monetize your traffic. Monetizing online businesses in the Philippines is a reasonably straightforward process. The difficulty is bringing customers and viewers to your platform.

    Social media is, of course, a free service, and anyone can start to grow and build their page. If you are looking to get ahead, you can purchase social media pages as flipping social media accounts is a common practice; however, it is often against the terms and conditions of the social media channel in question.

    Start a small Researching Business

    Estimated Start Up Cost: 0 – 1250 Pesos

    Researching is an enjoyable task for many entrepreneurs. Researching can also take many different forms, including researching a product, area, or group of people.

    Most often, researching businesses will work with customers looking for specific information needed for business growth. For instance, many years ago, when I started my tea business, I hired a research team to research the market and consumers.

    We have included an estimated cost anywhere between 0 to 1250 Pesos because, in most cases, researching is a free process; however, there may be some services you will need to become a member of to be a successful researcher.

    Often finding customers can be a free process as this can be actioned through social media or offering your services on platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork. Nonetheless, you also have the option to pay for advertising and marketing if you wish.

    Begin A YouTube channel Cheaply

    Estimated Start Up Cost: 0 – 1500 Pesos

    YouTubing is perhaps one of the most popular and unique opportunities for many modern-day Filipino entrepreneurs.

    One of the reasons YouTube is such a lucrative business in the Philippines is that Filipinos spend so much time on the platform. You may be surprised to know that the Philippines have been on top for Internet usage over the last few years.

    YouTube is one of the cheapest businesses to start in the Philippines as you do not need to spend a great deal on equipment. However, once you have grown an audience and feel that it is the right decision, you may wish to invest in better equipment. On the other hand, if the budget is tight, don’t worry about purchasing the latest camera. Some successful Filipino YouTubers have a faceless YouTube channel.

    Start Esty In the philippines

    Estimated Start Up Cost: Free

    Starting an Esty Store in the Philippines is something we have spoken about previously. However, it is quite a unique opportunity for those looking to sell personal or homemade items.

    The business can be started for free; unlike other platforms, Esty receives its share once you have sold an item. However, suppose you are also interested in selling on Lazada. In that case, it is recommended to check out our latest guide on the steps you will need to grow a successful online business in the Philippines.

    Nonetheless, there may be a small amount of capital you need so that you can purchase the materials for your product. This depends on the product quality and quantity. one consideration for many is the delivery of their products. More information regarding this can be found in our complete Esty guide.

    Start a Freelance Writing business with low capital

    Estimated Start Up Cost: 0 – 3000 Pesos

    Freelance writing can take many different forms. In some cases, you could be writing about a product or be part of a larger project, such as writing an ebook. Freelance writing is a typical cheap business in the Philippines, which can also be flexible in some cases.

    The upper limit for this expected cost is around 3000 pesos. This is slightly higher than our other cheap business ideas in the Philippines because essential software is needed. A valuable piece of software for those looking to start writing projects is Grammarly. This is paramount if you are working with international clients.

    Nonetheless, there are many platforms where you can offer your services as a freelance writer, and many writers also utilize the power of social media to find customers.

    If you are thinking about starting this cheap business in the Philippines or any other small business idea, then feel free to look at our business tips which may be very valuable at this time.

    Get Creative with a Logo Designing Business

    Estimated Start Up Cost: 1000 – 1500 Pesos

    A logo designing business is another very cheap business idea in the Philippines; however, it is not the easiest. one of the most challenging aspects of a logo designing business is finding customers; however, many successful logo designers make a great living using their artistic talents.

    The estimated start up cost ranges between 1000 to 1500 Pesos. This is for added extras such as software costs. If you are looking for a cheap design service, you can look at Canva For more information. If you have the funds available, then opening up a photoshop account may be beneficial.

    Investigate a Product Designing Business idea

    Estimated Start Up Cost: 1000 – 1500 Pesos

    A product designing business is one of those businesses that may not be the cheapest business idea in the Philippines but can be one of the most popular in some industries.

    If a business is selling, then one of the most important things is the pictures and the design. On a psychological level, what we see influences our perception. The color of a logo, the shape of somebody’s clothing, all the clearness of a photo can lead us to think or feel in a certain way.

    This is a well-known subject, and this is why companies spend a significant amount of time on the product design and picture quality of their products. Similar to logo designing, designing software is essential. Photoshop is often a very in-demand service for this type of cheap business in the Philippines.

    Cheapest Business To Start In The Philippines
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    Cheapest Business To Start In The Philippines
    Cheapest Business To Start In The Philippines