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10 Small Businesses Philippines With A 4K Capital

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    The great thing about The Philippines is that you can start a business with just about any budget. So today, we will look at the best small businesses in the Philippines with a 4K capital.

    It is possible to start and grow businesses in the Philippines with a 4K capital. However, you will need to analyze your financial income and your business strategy carefully as money will need to be spent on your business In a strategic way.

    Starting using your 4K in the right way at the very beginning will help you turn your business into a profitable income.

    Business Ideas Philippines 4k Capital

    Start An Affiliate Marketing Business In The Philippines

    An affiliate business is a way you can earn a commission from selling other people’s products. You will receive a commission for each sale through an affiliate business. There are also many other affiliate websites and other brands that offer this program. Such as Lazada &

    Launch Your Own Blog Or Vlog

    In present times, business owners can increase income streams from their websites and online sales through the power of blogs. Those who do not have a business use blogging to provide a service and to monetize content by selling courses, products, and adverts.

    The best thing about a blog is to build an audience through the right keywords and the correct attention. Then, you can turn this small business into a full-time income with the right strategy.

    The reason why blogs are one of the best small businesses in the Philippines with a 4k capital is that blogs are straightforward to set up with only 4000 pesos. The downside is that because this business is relatively easy to set up and cheap, there is a lot of competition, so it would be more beneficial to focus on a small specific niche rather than targeting a big topic. Therefore, it will be challenging to rank for.

    Open A Book Cover Designing Business For 4k

    As the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. However, booksellers know that image is incredibly important when it comes to selling a book. Colors, fonts, word patterns, and sizes all impact catching the reader’s attention.

    Some business owners have started their business on websites such as Fiverr or Upwork and then progressed on setting up their website and social media. Specific selling channels allow you to build your business on their website.

    The benefit is you are reassured that payment will come through, and you will not be scammed. The drawback is that there will be a commission that the selling channel will take per transaction.

    Start A Freelancing Coding Business For 4K In The Philippines

    Coding is in everything we do in the age of technology. However, not everybody has the skill of coding. Thus, a coding business can become very profitable to the right entrepreneur.

    Just like book designing, coding is predominantly offered on websites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

    Become An Ebook Writer

    Ebooks are digital downloadable PDF files that are sold online. The great thing about eBooks is that you can sell them to the whole world! Profit can be high due to low maintenance costs. However, it is best to consider any advertisement costs that may occur.

    Ebooks are best if they are on a specific topic as there how many competitive industries in the ebook business. The great thing is you can sell your information products to any country as this is one of the main perks of digital products.

    With the right plan, this could be a high income and one of the income businesses in the Philippines with a 4k capital.

    Launch Your Own Facebook Page Management Business

    Similar to a Facebook advertisement business, Facebook page management is an essential part of most companies. However, if you see a business that could perform better, perhaps an email offering your services explaining how they could improve their sales with your skills would do well.

    I looked at hiring a Facebook page management individual for I decided not to in the end, but I will remember that an individual who could make more money than they were worth would be precious to me.

    In other words, the good idea is to think about a Facebook sales strategy for the business you think could be your customer. Then present this to them. Then, explain through your management, they could increase their engagement and sales. But don’t give too much away!

    Start Selling Photo Of The Philippines

    When setting up, we purchased many different photographs, which ranged from 100 pesos up to 700pesos. If you are in a good location and you are a skilled photographer, there are many sites across the internet where you can sell your photos for a fee.

    Some entrepreneurs are also living near the most beautiful parts of the Philippines and are working for travel agencies in other countries to produce brand-specific photos for foreign companies.

    Become A Lazada Seller For 4K Investment

    Lazada is a great place to sell new equipment, personal grooming items, clothing, and everyday items. However, there is a fee for marketing your products, and you will need to make sure fees have been accounted for on this platform. 4K is best used to purchase cheaper products or homemade items; however, the option is yours.

    There is another route open to Lazada, an affiliation route that we spoke about previously.

    The downside is with Lazada is that there is a percentage that will be taken through every transaction. So it’s essential that whatever product you decide to sell that the financial planning has been completed to avoid unnecessary business costs.  

    Start A Nutritional Coach Business For 4k Capital

    As much as I love Filipino food, and trust me, I do! But, I must be honest and admit it is not always the healthiest. It’s effortless to pack on the extra weight and can sometimes be challenging to lose it. Nutritional coaches are more in demand across the world for this very reason.

    Some nutritional coaches also provide tailor-made fitness plans to people online, which opens the doors up to many different opportunities. In addition, some nutritional courses can be purchased online for a very low amount.

    A nutritionist and a dietitian are different. A dietitian is a protected term, whereas anybody can use the term “nutritionist.”

    Launch A Small Tour Guide Business

    If you are based in a tourism hotspot, this can be one of the best businesses in the Philippines. Speaking to some of the boat tour operators (in Oslob, Cebu), profits can be very high if you provide a unique service.

    Word of mouth and online advertisement such as Facebook will be the best type of marketing for your business as it allows you to reach a high level of customers with minimum costs


    Small businesses in the Philippines with a 4k capital tips

    The Money: Focus on what you have an abundant source of. If you do not have the funds to promote your business but have the time, you can use this source of time to reach your target audience. As an example, by utilizing the power of social media.

    Online: Many of the businesses we have spoken about today focus on online businesses. One significant benefit of online businesses is that your overheads and startup costs are dramatically decreased. In other words, this is perfect for entrepreneurs who are looking to set up a business for 4K or less in the Philippines.

    Opportunities: When you are looking to set up a small business in the Philippines with a 4k capital, it is a good idea to focus your spare time on opportunities. There may be opportunities closer to home in your community that has not been listed on this list above. If 4K is your maximum, it’s a good idea to weigh up your options and choose the right opportunities for your budget.

    Small businesses in the Philippines with a 4k capital
    Small businesses in the Philippines with a 4k capital