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Business To Start With 150K Philippines

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    What Business To Start With 150K In The Philippines: Is it possible to start a legitimate business in the Philippines with 150,000 pesos? Business costs can soon add up, but there are many ideas and opportunities in the market under 150,000 pesos. So the ultimate question is – what business to start with 150K in the Philippines?

    If you are looking for a business plan for free in the Philippines, you can download our free templates and financial templates by clicking on the business planning tab at the top of this page. Alternatively, you may be interested in our market research guide so that you can do your own research (DYOR) to find more of the best business ideas in the Philippines with 150K pesos.

    Business Ideas For 150K In The Philippines

    1. Open A Small Coffee Business

    Opening a cafe in the Philippines can be an expensive business venture; however, there are many ways to reduce the costs and open a legitimate café/coffee business. One of these ways is to open a kiosk or a small cart. Unfortunately, 150K won’t stretch far in the coffee world, but it will be enough to purchase basic machinery, beans, cups, and so on.

    Over the years, there have been several fantastic success stories of business owners in the Philippines, and you can find many of these on YouTube. These success stories involved opening up a coffee or cafe business with very little money. Additionally, you can raise additional funds by seeking investors if you find starting a business in the Philippines with 150K pesos challenging.

    Like so many businesses, cafes have to tick boxes to succeed in the Philippines, and one of those boxers is location. A good location offers customers convenience, and convenience is a big advantage in the business world. Therefore, a high-demand area with low supply is key. For example, this could be a small coffee kiosk outside a business park.

    2. Start Your Own Food Cart Business

    Food businesses range in price. For example, some food cart businesses in the Philippines can be started with 100,000 pesos or less, while others require 200,000 or 300,000 pesos. The total capital will depend on whether the business is a franchising business and what type of food you are selling.

    When starting a business in the Philippines with 150K pesos, it’s important to remember the short and long-term consequences of an action. For example, franchising may allow you to reduce startup costs and have a big brand image. However, long term, there may be limitations, and profit may be lower compared to if you were going to start this business on your own.

    However, it is a fantastic business idea with 150,000 pesos that has stood the test of time. One of the reasons Jollibee grew is because they managed to match their food to their customers. So, what kind of food, drinks, and products do your local audience desire? Knowing this will allow you to build a successful 150K business in the Philippines.

    3. Become An Online Affiliate Marketer

    Affiliate marketing is the best business in the Philippines and has several advantages. Affiliate marketing is essentially a referral agent meaning that affiliates can earn money from selling other people’s products, AKA commission. This can be anything from real estate to T-shirts; the market for affiliates in the Philippines is massive!

    The great thing about starting an affiliate marketing business is using several different platforms. For example, some promote products on YouTube or a blog, while others use social media, direct emails, or even add their links to newsletters. The terms and conditions will differ from business to business.

    Being an online marketer has several benefits for business owners, and one of those is the cost. Startup costs remain minimal as the business is conducted online but building an audience  (YouTube, Blog, Podcast, etc.) takes time. Affiliate marketing can be started for free, but building an audience can take time and effort.

    4. Create A Digital Marketing Service

    Recent statistics highlight that the average Filipino spends just under 10 hours a day online! So it’s no surprise that the Philippines spends the most time on social media, and companies have noticed. As a result, more and more companies across the Philippines seek digital marketing services to take advantage of this high social media usage.

    Digital marketing can take many forms, and this will depend on what type of business you are working with and what type of service you are providing. For example, if you are a complete beginner at the business, you may want to start a freelance digital marketing business using freelancing platforms like Fiverr.

    The great thing about starting an online business in the Philippines with 150K is that businesses have fantastic scalability and growth potential. Entrepreneurs can work with local businesses here in the Philippines and with businesses overseas. Outsourcing is becoming particularly in demand in the digital marketing world.  

    5. Open An Automatic Dropshipping Business

    We recently released a full guide on how to start a dropshipping business in the Philippines and a bonus article on the best dropshipping suppliers for Filipino businesses. Dropshipping can be started with minimum costs and is well within the budget of 150K pesos.

    Business owners are now aiming to reduce their manual work by turning a dropshipping business into an automatic process. This can be achieved by online programs and plugins, making starting a business with 150K pesos in the Philippines much easier. But is starting an online business such as dropshipping a good idea?

    Dropshipping can be compared to platforms such as YouTube. Both have become more competitive over the years, but building a business using these methods is still possible. Naturally, the type of product you are selling and your audience will impact growth and profitability.

    6. Start A Second-Hand Book Store

    Recently I recorded a YouTube video about success stories and Filipino entrepreneurs where I dived into the subject of the national bookstore and the growth of this corporation. What is clear is that there is high demand for books, and this has been continuously growing over the years. However, some books can be expensive, which opens up the opportunity to sell second-hand books at affordable prices.

    One area you may wish to consider is the overall profit of this business. Even though there is a demand for second-hand books in the Philippines, most buyers will want to purchase books at a low price. This means that business owners will need to purchase the books at a low cost or free to make a good profit margin.

    The good news is that problems also come with solutions. If you want to start a business in the Philippines with 150,000 pesos, you always have options. For example, suppose you struggle to earn a sizable profit margin selling second-hand books; in that case, you may benefit from purchasing books in bulk at a reduced cost to increase your average profit margin per book.

    7. Offer A Bookkeeping Service

    Bookkeeping services are in high demand in the Philippines, and these are very closely related to other services such as accounting and tax support. In addition, there is even a high demand for bookkeeping services in the outsourcing industry, so some BPO offices in the Philippines are offering bookkeeping services to their international clients.

    Bookkeeping is slightly different from accounting, even though they are very similar. In general, accounting starts where the bookkeeping ends; however, these services are closely related, so you may wish to offer several services to increase your income potential. For example, 150K pesos could be spent in numerous ways, but software and marketing are two of the biggest categories.

    When starting a small business in the Philippines with 150K pesos, business owners can often benefit by focusing on a niche. For example, several types of businesses require the services of bookkeeping more than others. Therefore, if a business focuses on a niche, they stand a much higher chance of becoming the dominant business in that niche and expanding.

    8. Grow A Public Speaking Business

    Public speaking is a fantastic business idea in the Philippines if you have an idea you wish to share. My business partner does this a few times a month across Manila and Cebu, and most of her money comes from speaking engagements. One big advantage is that some speakers can earn a full-time income from only a few speaking engagements.

    So do you need 150K to start this business? Yes and no. You can become a public speaker today if you wish with very little cost; however, as you expand and build your personal brand, you may wish to release books, create a website and start marketing, all of which can add up. So in modern times, there are also other options to expand this business idea.

    For instance, some speakers start a YouTube channel or a podcast where they talk about life’s biggest questions. Public speaking is not only on the subject of personal development. You could create a business talking about personal finances, reducing sugar, healthy living, cryptocurrency, and so much more.

    9. Start A Personal Training Business

    Personal training is in high demand, especially after the recent pandemic. However, one challenge that customers face is the high cost of a personal trainer. Personal trainers and gyms must charge a high amount due to their expenses, but what about if there is a way to reduce costs for the customer while still earning a large profit margin?

    Freelance personal training can be started with minimal costs; however, if you wish to purchase uniforms and equipment, this can quickly add up. But for most occasions, you have the ability to train clients in the park or a free outside gym. This can help personal trainers save money and reduce costs while increasing profits.

    As a previous personal trainer myself, I would recommend focusing on a small category of individuals, commonly known as a niche. In the fitness world, there are several niches, such as the Keto niche, the fasting niche, the bulking niche, the cutting niche, the powerlifting niche, and so on. Focusing on particular niches is often best when starting a new business in the Philippines.

    10. Launch A Small White Labeling Project

    The term white label refers to a business that buys a product from another business. In other words, a company will add your logo to products and send them to you so that they can be resold. Of course, this is a simplistic version, but it’s essentially how white laboring works, and it is very common and popular in the Philippines and globally.

    Several manufacturers and suppliers are stretched across the Philippines, but many business owners seek products made from overseas and import them to the Philippines. China is where many products and services are made cheaply. Additionally, when looking at what business to start in the Philippines for 150K, you also have the option to export overseas.

    Several products are in high demand across multiple industries. Finding the right product for the right audience is key. But what is more important is manufacturing and delivering that product at the right price. Entrepreneurs need to factor in delivery costs, suppliers’ costs, government taxes, additional fees, and other logistic/operational costs.

    11. Start An Online Editing Business

    Editing is one of the best businesses to start in the Philippines for 150K pesos if you have a creative side. Some editors focus on editing pictures and articles, and other editing businesses focus on YouTube videos and infographics. This business can be started online as a freelancer or by contacting local content creators.

    The great thing about starting a small business such as editing is that startup costs remain low. It is relatively easy to start an editing business for under 150K pesos, But there is potential for a large profit margin. As this is an online business idea in the Philippines for 150K pesos, you can even work with international clients.

    Many editing businesses are now focusing on small and medium-sized content. For example, YouTube shorts are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, many editing companies are focusing on this opportunity which allows them to edit several YouTube short videos in a day as shorts are under 60 seconds in length.

    12. Start Your Very Own Content Creating Business

    Throughout this article, speaking about what business to start in the Philippines with 150K, we have touched upon several online and offline businesses. one of the best in the modern world is an online content creating business as this can be started with minimal costs. Content creation can be a YouTube channel, a podcast, a blog, etc.

    A common question asked is, what is the best type of content for the Philippines? Can you make more money starting a blog in the Philippines or starting a YouTube channel? This depends on several factors. You can grow very quickly on a YouTube channel, but if you do not have the right personality or the time, you may find that your YouTube channel doesn’t grow.

    On the other side of the coin, you may find blog posts take you less time, and because you’re able to upload more posts a week compared to YouTube videos, you may find your blog is more profitable. But several conditions can impact the growth of content creators. Therefore, I recommend focusing on your strengths when building a content-creating business in the Philippines.

    13. Launch A Social Media Management Business

    If you spend hours on social media, you may find starting a social media management business in the Philippines a fantastic idea. However, knowledge is increasingly in demand. Businesses require social media experts, so fully understanding the platform and how to take advantage of the traffic is key when starting this kind of business.

    The duties of a social media management business will differ depending on what type of business you are managing. For example, some businesses need a social media manager to be more of a salesperson, whereas others require their social media manager to be an administrator. What is important is that your services are financially profitable to the business.

    As an entrepreneur starting a small business in the Philippines, such as social media management, it is recommended to start advertising your services on freelancing platforms. In addition, creating a website and your own social media pages is highly recommended to give you a competitive edge.

    14. Open A Mass Media Business

    Mass media can cover several business types in the Philippines. We tend to think about news and journalism when we think of mass media, but mass media can also branch onto other business types, such as a blog or information websites. Several websites focus solely on celebrity news and gossip, and some receive thousands of views every day!

    When starting a small business in the Philippines with 150K, one consideration is how you earn income and potential income streams for your business. Mass media often relies on advertisement income which can be volatile at times, so it will be best for business owners to focus on other potential income streams.

    A small business plan and financial guide are essential; therefore, you can check out our free business template and financial guide by clicking on the business plan tab at the top of this page.

    15. Start A Day Trading Business 

    There are several types of financial traders, but one increasingly popular type is the day trader. Trading every day is naturally riskier, but it does provide more opportunities on average. But is this the best business idea in the Philippines with 150K? Of course, the answer will depend on the individual, but many have made a fantastic income and steady business from trading.

    Several traders decide to grow their trading business into a course or financial school where they teach the investors to make money in the market. This can be a fantastic source of passive income, especially if you are creating online courses. Naturally, these options all come with advantages and disadvantages, but what market is best for day traders?

    Some focus on the Philippine Stock Exchange, but others focus on investing in highly volatile markets such as cryptocurrency. As always, it’s recommended to only invest what you can afford to lose. The most successful day traders are highly skilled and knowledgeable about the market and their investments.

    What Business To Start With 150K In The Philippines