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Best Business To Start 100K Philippines 2024

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    What Business To Start With 100K In The Philippines: One common question we get asked here at Filipino wealth is, what business to start with 100K in the Philippines? Today you will be learning 15 of the best businesses to start with 100K in the Philippines, which are ranked as some of the most profitable businesses in the current economy.

    Additionally, We will also look into a popular question: whether you should invest your 100K in the Philippines or start a business? More of that is below!

    Online Businesses To Start With 100K In The Philippines

    1. Start An Online Content Creating Business

    Filipino Wealth has put together a full blogging guide that provides a step-by-step process on how to set up a blog and start earning money passively in the Philippines.

    Back in 2001, when blogging started to become more well-known worldwide, it was incredibly easy to earn money blogging. Some successful bloggers were able to earn $10,000 + a month from documenting their lives and experiences.

    Fast forward to today, and the content-creating industry has changed rapidly. Most people want answers to their specific questions. Meaning that to be successful in today’s modern world, you will need to add value in one area or another.

    For example, you are here on this article because we have researched trends, analyzed statistics, covered the local economy, and much more to bring the answer to the question “what business to start with 100K in the Philippines” therefore, this value will allow FilipinoWealth to grow and continually earn pesos as the years pass.

    2. Start A YouTube Channel & Podcast Show

    YouTube is very similar to blogging, but YouTube is one of the fastest-growing search engines. According to socialSEO, “To those new to SEO, it’s easy to focus on the big-name search engines like Google, or Bing, but YouTube ranks as the world’s second-largest search engine.”

    In other words, the way that we search for information is changing, which opens up the doors to monetize a business on this platform. With YouTube, The key ingredient to success is consistency.

    A few weekends ago, I was introduced to a YouTube that had over 2 million subscribers. She grew her YouTube channel through beauty and makeup tutorials and earned over 250K pesos a month from her channel. I asked her for her advice to share with the Filipino wealth community, and she mentioned that it took her seven years to reach her first one million subscribers and a few more years to reach two million.

    I mentioned to her that this month I was writing an article about what business to start with 100K in the Philippines, and she said, “starting a YouTube business is one of the best businesses to start In the Philippines with 100K as there are so many ways to earn additional income from a YouTube channel.”

    I later found out that a large percentage of her income was earned outside of YouTube. She could refer viewers to her website so that she could sell physical products and offer other services. YouTube is a great marketing platform and is one of the best businesses to start with 100K in the Philippines.

    3. Open A SEO Consultancy In The Philippines

    A search engine optimization business is a great business to start in the Philippines because it is in high demand. However, as it is a high-demand service, this has opened up the doors to scammers, so some customers are understandably wary.

    However, if you can prove your professionalism and build credibility, starting an SEO consultancy business can be one of the best business to start in the Philippines with 100K.

    Most often, search engine optimization business owners start by offering services on websites such as Fiverr, Taskrabbit, PeoplePerHour. However, the great thing about search engine optimization businesses is that it is a predominantly online business that entails a lot of freedom.

    4. open Your Own Writing Business

    We recently spoke about how to start writing business in the Philippines because this is a huge business opportunity at the moment! So many brands, blog holders, content creators, and website owners are outsourcing to Filipino writers every day.

    If you ask what business to start with 100K in the Philippines, the answer might be writing. This is because this simple task can be turned into an easily scalable business.

    When starting a writing business, one of the most important is that a business owner finds the right clients. Of course, a small percentage of 100K should be directed to essential tools such as; a laptop, Microsoft Office, Building a professional website, and so on, but some should ideally be placed on finding clients. This can include digital marketing and upgrading your LinkedIn account, for example.

    5. Start A Social Media Management Business

    The last online business to start with 100K in the Philippines came in a social media consultancy business. Starting a social media business is a great online business for those skillful in managing social media accounts.

    One of the most important tasks for a social media consultancy business is the growth of its platform. This is often achieved by providing high customer service (replying to messages, comments, etc.) and regularly uploading new content to either educate the audience or promote a service or product.

    Similar to SEO businesses, social media management businesses often start by offering services on Fiverr, etc.

    One common strategy in finding clients is to grow a platform to a sizable audience, thus showing evidence of your experience and social media knowledge. However, different clients often require different services, but most often, clients are looking to increase their social media platform, meaning that it is a common selling point for many businesses.

    Traditional Business To Start With 100K In The Philippines

    6. Start A Food Cart Business For 100K Capital

    When looking at what business to start with 100K In the Philippines, you may come across this common business idea for an excellent reason. Starting a food cart business in the Philippines is a great business and one we have covered in detail. So if you are looking to make money from a food cart business in the Philippines, it is worth a read.

    There are a few considerations when setting up a food cart business, but one of the most critical areas to focus on is the location. Even with the best food at the best price, if the location is not accessible to customers, it can be challenging to make this business successful.

    For instance, take the famous Jollibee. One of its strategies is building its establishments in an accessible and popular area. This is because they want to make the customer’s experience as easy as possible. This will result in repeat business which is essential when starting a food cart business in the Philippines.

    7. Launch A Cooking Business Or Classes In The Philippines

    Another traditional business is to sell cooking classes. However, there are now multiple ways to earn money from a cooking class in the Philippines, thanks to technology.

    For example, over the last few years, Airbnb has been pushing its experiences. These include online and offline experiences. This gives entrepreneurs an excellent opportunity to increase their profits and reach more potential customers.

    Some entrepreneurs have found success by specializing in specific cuisines. For example, if you want to start cooking classes, perhaps you can offer Filipino food, Japanese food, Italian food, or vegan dishes. On the other hand, if you’re wondering what business to start with 100K in the Philippines, then the food industry may be the right industry for you.  

    P.s, you could also take a look at the cooking oil market!

    8. Open A Tour Business with 100K Pesos

    Organized tours can be huge. This depends ultimately on the level of tourism in a particular area. On my travels across the south of the Philippines, I met a young entrepreneur selling tours.

    He spoke to all the tour operators in the area and packaged up a half a day experience for locals and foreigners. He would then drive them around and be their tour guide, and he was able to make a lot of profits from this business.

    He added: “The most profitable tours were ones that I did not have to pay for.” For example, he offered a trekking tour through the mountains, and he only needed to pay 50 pesos per person, but as he turned this into a half a day experience, including lunch, he was able to sell this for 700 pesos per person!

    9. Open A yoga Retreat

    Yoga retreats can be very, very, very big business! Traditionally in the northern hills of Thailand, this business model makes a huge amount of profit for savvy entrepreneurs.

    If we look at what business to start for 100K in the Philippines, buying a studio or small establishment would not be possible, but rental is certainly possible.

    Yoga is a very spiritual experience for many people; therefore, there are many ways to monetize this experience and give your customers something they desire. As an example, several yoga retreats are operating that provide a weekend retreat experience. This includes a vegan meal, a tea-drinking experience, a meditation class, and much more.

    10. Start A Travel Agency Business with 100K In The Philippines

    The last traditional business to start with 100K in the Philippines is a travel agency business. This is another exciting industry, but it has seen its fair share of ups and downs in recent times, but it is still a strong contender.

    In 2019 coronavirus first hit this industry but previously to this, many travelers booked their holidays and flights online, making it challenging for the travel industry. However, if you can find unique opportunities or package experiences up and offer the experiences as a big bundle, there is an opportunity in the market.

    Passive Businesses To Start With 100K In The Philippines

    11. Open A Small Stock Trading Business

    Our first passive business to start with 100K in the Philippines is that of stock trading. If you have never traded before but are interested, it is recommended to visit our beginners’ guide and check out some of the best low-risk stocks for the Philippines.

    This business is passive because your role as an investor means that the corporation’s staff are the ones who make the decisions and ultimately bring in the profits, which are returned to you through dividends or the resale of the stock. (in other words… passive income)

    Over the last few years, the Philippine Stock Exchange has been highly volatile, and some stocks have gained and lost many millions. But a highly volatile market is often a dream for a savvy investor as this is where investors can turn a few hundred pesos into a few thousand and so on.  

    12. Become An Author In The Philippines

    Being an author can take many different forms, but in this example, we will be an author of a self-published book. Publishing a book can be a great source of passive income in the Philippines and a great business to start with 100K. As an author myself, my word of advice would be that you must match your content to your audience; this is key.

    Why do books such as; think and grow rich, rich dad poor dad, 4-hour workweek, do so well? Because the content is specifically designed to help educate, inspire, and motivate their readers.

    If you are looking at what business to start with 100K in the Philippines, why does the above information matter? Because if you can produce a valuable and unique product, you can earn passive income for years to come. Perhaps you may even become a best-selling author in the Philippines!

    Additionally, there is always an element of marketing with a self-published book. Therefore there may be some percentage of your capital that you will use for marketing.

    13. Start A drop Shipping Business In The Philippines

    Dropshipping is another attractive passive income for the Philippines. in reality, you can start a dropshipping business for much less than 100K. But it is in no way easy.

    If you have not come across the term dropshipping before, I will explain… A drop shipping owner does not stock any products but advertises products (products sold by a third party company – AKA Someone else). Once a sale has been made, the drop shipper will input the customer’s details into the third-party website (this can also be done through an automatic process), and the product will be sent directly to the customer. The price on the drop shippers website costs more, thus making a profit.

    As this business has been around for many years now, it is slightly more challenging to earn an income from drop shipping as opposed to other business models. Therefore, Awai recommends choosing a specific niche one benefit they state is that you will be able to narrow down on your target market, which can save many pesos.

    14. Create An App With 100K capital

    A great profitable and passive income for the Philippines is via app development. Often an app owner generates money through advertisement. Have you ever played a game on your mobile phone, and once your character has died or you have reached the next level, you see a small 10 to 15-second video? That is how they make their money!

    Many well-known games have made millions, including the game Fortnight. However, many other applications make money in various ways; this could be through offering a premium subscription or add ons.

    Some of the most successful apps typically are simple apps. The downside is that there is a fair amount of knowledge you will need to create an app; however, sites such as BuildFire create apps for their customers. The price often depends on the type of app and what features you would like to include.

    15. Start A Vending Machine Business

    The last passive income business for 100K in the Philippines is a vending machine business. We have spoken about setting up a vending machine business in the Philippines previously as it is another popular topic, but how much do vending machines cost?

    With today’s costs, if you are buying a brand new vending machine in the Philippines, you can expect to pay between 30K-45K for a small to medium-sized machine (offering coffee, juice, etc.) And you can expect to pay anywhere from 80K – 250K for a big vending machine. On the other hand, for those looking for a full-size vending machine, the cost can range from 250K-500K+.

    However, as this is slightly out of the 100K, some companies lease vending machines Is a good source of information for those looking to start this business. Nevertheless, with the rise of popularity in this business industry, many companies offer a similar leasing service.

    The best business to start with 100K in the Philippines typically relies on you as a business owner. In other words, what you are passionate about can help you to succeed. This is because passion is needed when you hit hard times or hit that wall that all entrepreneurs face.

    What Is The Best Business To Start With 100K In The Philippines?

    The most crucial part of whatever business you decide to start is picking a business in high demand. Some passions feel amazing, but they do not generate profit. Some businesses generate a lot of profit but most often lack feelings of passion. The win-win scenario is finding a business that you are passionate about but can also generate profit.

    The examples we used above are examples that we have chosen due to the current economy, trends, latest statistics, and public demand. which will help you with today’s question of “what business to start with 100K in the Philippines.”

    Should I Invest Or Start A Business In The Philippines?

    Now that we have looked at what business to start with 100K in the Philippines, the next question you may have is, “should I invest 100K in the Philippines, or should I start a business?” one thing that financial gurus will not tell you is that if you have 100K (or more) to invest, you should start a business before any investments.

    This is because, from 100K, you are unlikely to earn a full-time income from investments alone unless you are regular trading. Additionally, if you are an employee, anything can happen; therefore, the first step is always to build a safety net (which is in your control).

    One factor that puts starting your own business above traditional investments is that as a business owner, you have full control over the direction of your business. This luxury does not apply to traditional investments; therefore, starting a business in the Philippines should always take priority before investments.

    As mentioned above, once you have a business, then investments would be the next logical choice. However, there are some situations in which this does not apply. For example, if not very confident in business, then perhaps an investment would be more suitable at this time until you gain the skills required… Luckily, these skills are very achievable through the Filipino wealth YouTube channel.

    What Business To Start With 100k In The Philippines: Conclusion

    Here are some additional resources for opening a corporation and business in the Philippines: Bureau of Internal Revenue & Department of Trade and Industry.

    5 Online Businesses To Start With 100K In The Philippines 5 Traditional Business To Start With 100K In The Philippines 5 Passive Businesses To Start With 100K In The Philippines 
    BloggingFood Cart Stock Trading Business
    YouTubeCooking ClassesBeing An Author 
    SEO Consultancy Organized Tour Drop-Shipping 
    Writing BusinessYoga Retreat Creating An App 
    Social Media Consultancy Travel Agency Vending Machine Business 

    As you can see from the table above, there are many different types of businesses to start with 100K in the Philippines. one of the most important things when starting a business is careful consideration, often achieved through a business plan.

    Filipino wealth has a free downloadable business plan which you can download by clicking on “business plan” at the top of this page or the button below.

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