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10 Small Business Ideas At Home Philippines

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    Starting a small business in the Philippines at home is indeed an excellent idea in modern times. Not only can it be a great source of passive income, but some small businesses can be the beginning of your business empire. So today, we’re going to be exploring ten small business ideas at home in the Philippines.

    Additionally, to support you at the beginning stages of starting a small business in the Philippines, we will also be going over some handy tips and tricks, including what you need to know when starting a small business at home in the Philippines, as well as other pieces of advice when starting a small business.

    10 Small Business Ideas At Home In The Philippines

    Develop A Small Book Publishing Business On Amazon Kindle

    When we think about Amazon Kindle, we tend to focus on U.S. customers. Still, Amazon Kindle customers are worldwide. For instance, statistics show that there are currently around 100 million kindle e-readers, and only 50% of these readers are owned by U.S. citizens.

    In recent years the kindle department of Amazon switched its strategy. Publishers who are part of the kindle unlimited program can earn income from every page read from their book. In other words, the more pages that are read, the more money publishers could earn.

    This has led to strategies for those looking to start a small business in the Philippines at home to create shorter content at higher volumes. There are many benefits to this, especially if you can build an audience of loyal readers.

    This strategy is a great small business idea at home in the Philippines, but it will not be around forever. Because as more and more publishers discover this strategy, the more saturated the market will become.

    Nonetheless, looking at general small business ideas at home in the Philippines, becoming a publisher for Amazon or any other online publisher inside or outside the Philippines is an exciting opportunity for all talented writers.

    Become An Online Teacher In The Philippines At Home

    We have covered how to become an online teacher in the Philippines previously, where we documented different businesses across the Philippines looking for English teachers. This is a great strategy when you are just starting out becoming an English teacher, but if you are looking to turn this into a small business in the Philippines at home, you have a few options.

    The first option is to target other South East Asian countries and build your business at home in the Philippines via marketing, to build your sales funnel, etc. Another option is to target foreigners looking to travel to the Philippines for business or pleasure.

    Manila Bulletin reported this month that flexible learning is here to stay when speaking to the Higher Education Commission, but will this also include international teaching? Many believe yes.

    Culture coaching is also a unique opportunity. As the Philippines has an excellent English level, some travelers feel that learning Tagalog or Bisaya is unnecessary. Still, one thing the majority of travelers desire is to understand the Philippines’ culture. Therefore, if designed and advertised correctly, this could be a great business to start at home in the Philippines.

    Begin A Blogging Business In The Philippines

    The third small business idea at home in the Philippines is something that I have been doing for many years now: blogging.

    I’ve covered a few guides on how to start a blog in the Philippines and even explored how to start a blog in the Philippines if you are a student, so I will attach this information for your reference if you are looking at how to start blogging in the Philippines.

    Nonetheless, starting a blogging business in the Philippines is perhaps one of the most exciting and thrilling businesses if you have a passion and desire to help support the community.

    I talk about business and investment, but 99% of the time, we discuss business. This is my niche. This is also a very tough and challenging niche; however, Filipino Wealth has grown to a stage where it is one of the leading financial websites in the Philippines.

    Getting to this status takes a considerable amount of time and effort, but what about other niches? Indeed niches are a lot easier to penetrate than others. But you must pick something specific because it is very challenging to break through successfully and start a small business at home in the Philippines if you do not have a niche of some kind in today’s modern world.

    Build An Esty, Lazada Or Shopee Store

    I’m a big fan of these 3 platforms as a customer. I can often find quality items as a customer on these platforms for much less than I would pay in the malls; nonetheless, starting an Esty business in the Philippines or opening your own Lazada store is not the most straightforward task. (I have included references to the following articles above if you are looking at how to start these businesses).

    Competition is high; however, new entrepreneurs are making a successful business on these platforms; how?

    Often they have the right product at the right time at the right price. Many marketplaces are becoming oversaturated, which is excellent for the customer but not so great for the entrepreneur. Special care and consideration should always be taken when deciding on what you will be selling and how you will grow your business.

    Thanks to added features such as the fulfillment service from Lazada and international delivery that can be shipped directly to the warehouse, starting this business at home in the Philippines is an excellent opportunity for modern entrepreneurs.

    I would stress that it’s critical to pay attention to the initial market research you do when starting this business. Spend a significant amount of time looking at what is selling and how much for what kind of products are getting the most reviews.

    These kinds of businesses are something that I have had several times over the last few years. The most important piece of advice I would give you is to make your money when you buy your products or when you buy the materials and not when you sell. In other words, the time you purchase something will decide if, later on, you make a profit or not.

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    Embark On A Small Business Reselling Unwanted Items

    Selling unwanted items is a great small business idea at home in the Philippines. Essentially this business is flipping items that are no longer needed to earn profit. These items can be anything from clothing accessories or even electronic products search as iPhones.

    An additional small business idea that you can start at home in the Philippines involves repairing items sold and then later selling these for a much higher price.

    A friend of mine has a five-year-old business doing this very thing. He learned how to fix iPhones and androids online from YouTube videos and, through the years, progressed into doing more complex tasks, and now he can fix any phone.

    Entrepreneurs often purchase used and broken equipment on social media sites such as Facebook and, once fixed later, resell them for a much higher price.

    Feel free to take a look at for a few options when selling items.

    Investigate Freelance Writing In The Philippines

    Another option for those passionate writers out there is starting a freelance writing business in the Philippines. Freelance writing is a great small business idea at home in the Philippines as it is a flexible and unique business. There may be times, however, where you have to follow the requirements of your client.

    Starting a small business at home, such as freelance writing, has a few different options. A great option is to offer gigs on Fiverr or similar companies and then progress to build your clients. You may also decide to work for a blogging or writing business in the Philippines and simultaneously grow your customers on the side.

    Facebook has a great source of information and has many different groups for Filipino writers. It’s always crucial that terms are agreed beforehand as, unfortunately, some business proposals have gone sour. Creating a payment plan to receive partial payment may be wise as you progress through the specific project.

    Launch A Meditation Music Small Business

    Meditation businesses are quite a unique business idea in the Philippines at home as it’s a relatively new trend that has taken the world by storm. Of course, meditation itself is nothing new; however, meditation can be enhanced with specific tones and binary beats, and meditation music is an excellent need.

    Recently, New India Express and other sources reported the benefits of mediation music to the mind and body, which has increased awareness and demand.

    YouTube is often one of the best places to get your name and music out there to the public. Of course, this can be monetized through ads, but there can also be premium content sold to customers, which is common to earn money when producing any music.

    Additionally, some businesses may be interested in using your music for their corporate videos or other business purposes, depending on the tune. Take a look at platforms such as Enlightened Audio for some inspiration.

    Look At A Small Cryptocurrency Affiliate Marketing Business

    Cryptocurrency is a huge market. If you are looking to start affiliate marketing in the Philippines, I would recommend reading our affiliation guide, which covers different companies that you can use to start earning money online in the Philippines.

    But why have we used cryptocurrency affiliate marketing as a small business idea at home in the Philippines? Simply because cryptocurrency often rewards its customers with cryptocurrency or a high-value commission. Cryptocurrency is one of the highest affiliate marketing niches.

    If you are rewarded in cryptocurrency, then depending on the market, you may receive a lot higher commission than you were expecting. Additionally, some cryptocurrency platforms are now rewarding affiliate marketers for each transaction made, and thus, you could earn continuous cash flow through affiliate marketing.

    Start A Small Website Design Business At Home

    Another option and one of the best if you are talented in online design is designing websites for businesses. This is a great business to start in the Philippines at home as it is somewhat flexible. Moreover, as it’s online, It can even be taken outside of the Philippines, which is especially useful if you are looking to travel and work.

    The great thing about designing a business is you do not necessarily need coding or a computer science degree. Many successful designers use simple platforms such as WordPress. However, WordPress may take some time to get used to, and customers who are new to designing websites may find it too difficult and thus outsource this work to a designing business.

    Like many of the home based business ideas for the Philippines we have spoken about today, this idea can also be applied to customers overseas. Specific platforms such as fiver or Upwork are great stages to showcase your expertise and build your client base.

    YouTube As A Small Business At Home

    We have reached the end of small business ideas at home in the Philippines. This list would not be complete without mentioning perhaps one of the most popular and unique opportunities in modern time, and that is YouTubing.

    There are many enormous misconceptions about starting a YouTube business in the Philippines. For example, here are some truths; you do not need to have 1000 subscribers to earn money, you do not need to show your face to build a successful channel, and you do not need to have 100,000 subscribers to on a good income from YouTube.

    There are many ways to monetize a YouTube channel in the Philippines. Gaining 1000 subscribers will allow you to add Adsense onto your videos, but this is not your only option. You can also earn through affiliate marketing, for instance. It is also an excellent tool when building a YouTube business in the Philippines.

    A moment ago, it was also mentioned that you do not need 100,000 subscribers. Subscribers do not mean more money. Some channels have much fewer subscribers but earn much more than channels double their size. So it’s not the size of the channel, but how well the channel is monetized that is important.

    If you are looking for small home-based business ideas in the Philippines, a YouTube channel could be wise. I would emphasize the unique tool of analytics. Understanding your audience’s needs will help grow your channel. Everything you need to be successful is found in your YouTube analytics.

    What Do You Need To Know To Start A Small Business At Home In The Philippines?

    Perhaps one of the most pressing questions is what do you need to know to start a small business at home in the Philippines?

    The first thing to know is that some small businesses at home can be started with small capital in the Philippines. YouTube, for example, is a free platform. Some YouTubers do not show their face, so there is no lighting or expensive equipment to buy, only some clear audio. You may not need a professional microphone.

    You will need to know that even though some things can be free to start, they may be highly saturated, so it’s imperative to have a specific niche. In today’s modern world, it’s infrequent that a business succeeds by pleasing a large audience often; they need to have a specific audience. The key is not to narrow down too much that nobody would be interested in your service or product.

    The last thing you may need to know when starting a small business at home is that small businesses often take a long time before they are profitable. Even large businesses, statistically speaking, can take anywhere from two to four years before they become profitable. This is not always the case; nonetheless, it is essential to note when you are thinking about business ideas at home in the Philippines.

    Are There Any Tips For Small Businesses In The Philippines At Home?

    Starting a small business at home in the Philippines can be challenging. So when looking through small business ideas, you may be wondering if there’s any extra information that can help you, and there is…

    1. Use Your Advantages When Starting A Small Business In The Philippines

    There are so many advantages to business that many people overlook. You, as an individual, speak and understand English this is a huge advantage. You live in the Philippines, which is the home to many in-demand products and services. You also have an advantage of skills and talents inside yourself, even if you haven’t unlocked them yet.

    In other words, it’s always best to play to your strengths and use your advantages when starting a business of any kind. Unfortunately, business owners tend to focus on strengthening their weaknesses, and even though this is important, what a successful company does well is also strengthening its strengths.

    2. Build A Bridge When You Open A Home Based Business

    When working from home, you will need to build a bridge from point A to point B. For example, suppose you have a goal of earning enough money to work from home or travel around the world while working on your laptop. Then it would be best if you had a solid foundation and strategy to take you from point A (where you are now) to point B (where you want to be).

    Are You Looking For The Best Business Ideas With 10K, 50K, 100K, And More?

    Best Small Business Ideas In The Philippines

    Building a bridge is fundamental to success. Start to look at your life right now, every aspect of it, including where you spend your free time, what time you wake up in the morning, and all other areas. Then start to ask yourself, what is not working for me? And how do I change these things to benefit me rather than restrict me?

    This also focuses on the system and not the goal, which is a handy tip for small businesses in the Philippines.

    3. Research The Action When Starting A Small Business

    Fundamentally business is all about researching and action. First, you research a new market or product and see what works with the customers; then, plan your delivery and execute this carefully.

    Researching and the analytical side of the business is not always the most enjoyable part of a business. Still, it is perhaps one of the critical aspects of building a successful business in the Philippines.

    If an entrepreneur does not thoroughly research the market and carefully plan their strategies in growing a business, not only can it hinder a business’s growth, but it can also result in a loss of finances which could be detrimental when starting a small business in the Philippines at home.

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