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9 Businesses To Make You Rich Philippines

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    Can a business make you rich in the Philippines? The answer to this question is yes. However, when choosing a business, the industry and the demand can limit financial growth and success.

    You can become financially successful in business across many industries and smaller niches. However, some business industries hold a lot of opportunities in the current market, so today, we will be exploring 9 businesses that can make you rich in the Philippines.

    Businesses That Can Make You Rich In The Philippines

    1. Content Creating Business

    There are many reasons why content creation is a good idea for entrepreneurs in the Philippines. First, content creation is relatively straightforward, and the startup costs are often minimal. Therefore profit margins in this industry can be very large.

    You can create a podcast, become a Filipino YouTuber, or start your own blog as a content creator. All of these are content-creating options and have several income streams available. Traditionally, advertisement has been the most popular but selling courses, products, services, and affiliate marketing can also be great options (depending on your audience).

    It’s important to note that you do not need 1,000,000 followers or be in the top 10% of creators. Some content creators have a small audience; however, they have several income streams and are in a profitable niche; therefore, they can make much more than channels double or triple their size. Therefore, content creation is a business that can make you rich in the Philippines.

    2. Exporting From The Philippines

    The Philippines, in general, relies heavily on importing and exporting. This is because some products in the country are in abundance and are affordable compared to other nations. In terms of importing, some products are not produced locally (such as wheat); therefore, imports of certain products are in demand. But today, we are focusing on exporting opportunities.

    There are several reports from the Department of Trade and Industries (and other departments) regarding the exporting market, what products are exported, and their value. For example, in recent times, microprocessors and other computing technology have become in demand for exporters.

    The exporting business model can make you rich in the Philippines because this business has fantastic scalability. However, one disadvantage is that it is not the simplest and easiest business to start, so careful consideration and research are needed, especially concerning the laws and taxation.

    3. Franchising And Reselling

    There are two ways to look at this business opportunity. The first way is to look at franchising and reselling as a business owner, meaning that you are franchising your business or creating a reselling program for your product. The second way is to look at these opportunities from the customer’s perspective, meaning that you’re franchising another person’s business and reselling other people’s products.

    These methods can be extremely profitable and are great businesses to become rich in the Philippines. Nevertheless, not every reselling program and franchising business model will be successful. There is a great deal to consider. Demand will often need to be high, and the available supply will need to be low to see the greatest reward.

    If you are franchising or reselling somebody else’s business or product, it’s often wise to understand the public perception of this brand or product. For example, franchising Jollibee or 711 has a big advantage due to its brand perception. But if you are franchising a food cart business of a brand that is new to the market, many of the advantages of the brand and franchising will be lost.

    4. SaaS Businesses

    Software as a service business model has become incredibly popular worldwide, including in the Philippines. This is a fast-growing business model and can also be extremely profitable. SaaS is one of the best businesses in the Philippines that can make you rich. You may be wondering why is this a lucrative business model?

    In some ways, this business model is very similar to selling books. Once you have your product, you can redistribute it end resell it through many different platforms. Naturally, there will be maintenance and upgrades with software as a service business. Still, it is a very scalable business model which can be repeated several times across dozens of industries.

    For example, let’s take the famous example of PayPal. This payment system grew quickly and partnered up with larger businesses such as eBay. With a little bit of web editing, you can accept payments from anywhere in the world using their service.

    5. Real Estate Businesses

    So why do so many investors focus on real estate in the Philippines? Because real estate businesses and investments can be incredibly profitable. This business is a fantastic example of a business that can make you rich in the Philippines. The demand, the fluctuation in price, and the current market come together to create a lucrative opportunity.

    Naturally, several elements can impact how much investors and business owners can make. First, the market is continuously changing. In recent years we have seen some tremendous growth in many parts of the country, such as Makati and so on. Though this can also have a negative effect, this is true for all business types and industries in the Philippines.

    Real estate agents can make a high income, especially if they work with international investors; however, real estate brokers and business owners are where the real money is. But as we discovered earlier, the market can change, impacting the profitability of this business.

    6. Energy Based Business

    The topic of energy is a common topic discussed by politicians and the public over the years. However, there are many different types of energy businesses. For example, we have non-renewable energy such as petroleum and oil, renewables such as hydropower, and other types of energy such as gas and chemicals.

    Many countries worldwide are now focusing on renewable forms of energy as the supply of natural resources decreases. However, the prices for these natural resources will likely increase as we approach lower supply levels. Nevertheless, innovation needs to happen as we look into the future of businesses in the Philippines.

    There are some fantastic opportunities for innovation in the Philippines, especially in the energy industry. But in general, innovation is incredibly important. So if you are looking at how to get rich in the Philippines from a business, then focusing on innovation will serve you very well in achieving your goal.

    7. Cybersecurity Businesses

    Cyber security is a very big industry for the future in the Philippines. As more and more businesses are moving to digitization, the security of intellectual properties, data, and resources is paramount. The great thing about this business industry is that it’s incredibly in demand worldwide, and many experts believe this will be one of the biggest industries in the future.

    As you can imagine, many types of businesses require cyber security services. Whether you are a small blogger trying to stop hackers from gaining your password or a mainstream bank wishing to stop data breaches, you will need to use cybersecurity services. Because of the scale of demand, cybersecurity is a fantastic business that can make you rich in the Philippines.

    8. Taxation Service Business

    One of the biggest struggles for everyday citizens and business owners is tax. Paying too much or too little tax is a real concern. There are different rules and regulations regarding tax, which can be extremely confusing, especially if you are running a corporation or an investor.

    But it’s not the complexity that leads to this business being profitable. Another reason is that taxation services can save investors and business owners from paying unnecessary taxes. Because of this, you may find some customers justify their decision to use a tax service even if they don’t announce this verbally.

    9. Investment Business

    There have always been fantastic profits in the financial sector. one of the leading secrets in this industry is that you can get yourself rich by helping other people get rich. Investment is essential to becoming wealthy in the Philippines, and this is why an investment business can make you rich.

    There are several types of businesses that fall under this umbrella. You could decide to offer an investment service such as Col Financial. This business bridges the gap between the investor and the Philippine Stock Exchange. Alternatively, other options can include an investment website or investment products such as books.

    business That Can Make You Rich In The Philippines