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What Business To Start 10K In The Philippines

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    If you have 10,000 pesos to invest in a business, one of the first questions you may ask yourself is what business to start with 10K in the Philippines? However, the beautiful thing about this country is that there is a wealth of opportunity around every corner.

    Today you will learn about the 7 best businesses to start in the Philippines with 10K. On top of this, we will also be going over the best businesses to start for home moms in the Philippines, the best businesses for students, and finally, the ultimate question of how to become successful in the Philippines.

    Best Business To Start With 10K In The Philippines As A Beginners

    Several businesses can be started in the Philippines with 10K. However, some of these businesses are more profitable than others. Additionally, some businesses have higher maintenance costs than others. Therefore we have broken today’s list down into the seven of the best businesses to start with 10K in the Philippines.

    Start A Blog Business With 10K Captial

    Here at Filipino wealth, we have put together a full blogging guide, which includes a step-by-step process of setting up a blog and monetizing it.

    Blogging can be the best business to start with 10K in the Philippines in today’s modern world. This is because a blogger has complete control and flexibility of their work schedule, and many of the skills needed to be successful are available to learn.

    Building an audience is the most challenging part of being a blogger, but if you can build an audience, you can make money either by selling products or advertisements on your website.

    Blogging is not as easy as it used to be back in 2005; however, it is still a very profitable business, but extra care should be taken when deciding on your niche and articles. In today’s world, people want specific answers to specific questions. In other words, when designing your blog, it is best to pick a specific niche rather than targeting a whole industry.

    Open A Freelancer business On Fiverr

    The next best business to start with 10K in the Philippines is utilizing the power of Fiverr. Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. The corporation offers a platform for freelancers to present services to customers worldwide. Fiver has been around for many years and has made Filipinos many millions of pesos.

    Fiver was initially used as a side business. In other words, back in 2010, people would join if they wanted to make an extra 1K, 3K, 5K pesos a month, but naturally, that’s not enough to live on. But luckily, the platform was growing rapidly. So fast forward to today, many entrepreneurs have set up a business using Fiverr to make a full time income.

    The great thing about this business idea for 10K in the Philippines is that there are so many different types of ‘Gigs’  (Fiverrs way of saying service) you can offer.

    Fairly recently, I was speaking to an old friend who lives in Cebu. She was making over 20,000 pesos a month from reviewing new podcasts and new YouTubers. She was able to grow this business, and now she is earning more than her full-time income.

    Start A Writing Business In The Philippines For 10K

    Freelancing is quickly becoming a very popular business in the Philippines. So if you are looking at what business to start with 10K in the Philippines, then freelance writing might be the perfect opportunity for you.

    Starting this business requires minimal capital. Some freelance writers start advertising their services on social media. However, suppose you would like to become a full-time writer. In that case, it is recommended to set up a website and a separate social media profile to give you that professional appearance.

    Some freelance writers in the Philippines work with clients writing a new novel, but freelance writers often work with website owners to produce guides and online articles.

    The potential earnings of a freelance writer in the Philippines will depend greatly on the writer’s clients. If you are an experienced writer, some clients can pay upwards of $20+ per 1000 words. However, if you are a beginner writer, then clients may offer $5-$8.

    become A Tour Operator In The Philippines

    Over the last five years, the tourist industry in the Philippines has seen an increase ( excluding COVID-19). Therefore, if you live in a tourist hotspot, then operating a touring business may be a great business idea for 10K in the Philippines.

    One method often used is packaging up separate tours and selling as a full day or half a day tour. This means that you act as a taxi driver and a guide, and your package experiences up for the customers so they can have a full day of activities.

    This can be very profitable as you can come to an agreement with specific areas for a discount, which can result in a higher profit. You can also include free experiences such as a hiking adventure, which can be almost pure profit.

    When looking at what business to start with 10K in the Philippines, it’s always best to have a business plan. Filipino wealth has a free downloadable business template, which you can download below.

    Start An English (Or Tagalog) Teaching Business

    The level of spoken English in the Philippines is the best in South East Asia. Fun fact: There are more English speakers in the Philippines than in some countries with English as their first language.

    Therefore it’s no surprise that home based English teachers are in high demand in certain parts of the Philippines. 51 talk is an example of a company that has utilized the skill of Filipinos to deliver high-quality English to Chinese students. However, there are also opportunities to become a private tutor, especially if you live in Cebu or Manila.

    Furthermore, if a home based English teacher doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, then how about Tagalog? Many foreigners have purchased classes and tutoring services to learn the national language, and as more foreigners are entering the Philippines, There is a gap in the market.

    Start A Small Trading Business

    One common question we get asked here at Filipino wealth is how to invest in Jollibee stock? Luckily we have a full guide on how to purchase Jollibee stock, Ayala stock on much more. But the question is, how can you earn money from trading in the Philippines?

    There are many different ways how to earn money from the Philippine Stock Exchange. And if you’re looking at what business to start with 10Kin the Philippines, then trading may be a great option. However, it’s always important that this is a business that you fully investigate before investing, as it is very easy to lose money on the Stock Exchange.

    If you are looking for a full beginner’s guide on the Philippine Stock Exchange, you can visit our latest article, which goes over a few critical points that you will need to know before trading.

    It is possible to earn a full-time income from trading; however, this is not easy. Therefore, planning a full-time income on the Philippine Stock Exchange is potentially one of the most challenging businesses on this list. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

    Many full-time traders across the Philippines work very few hours but earn more from their trades than 80%+ of the population. This is often because, at times, the Philippines Stock Exchange can be volatile, and this is when traders can make considerable amounts of money.

    Start A Digital Marketing Business With 10K Peso Capital

    Digital marketing is another hot topic in today’s modern world. So if you are looking for business ideas for 10K in the Philippines, digital marketing may be suitable for you.

    Similar to freelance writing, it is recommended that you set up a separate social media page and even a website as this will allow you to become more professional; however, this may not be necessary if you are advertising your services on sites such as Fiverr.

    Similar to other freelancing careers, when you start a digital marketing business, the most critical task is finding clients. LinkedIn is a great way to find clients, but often digital marketers find many of their clients through social media. This is especially true if your clients are based overseas.

    If you have an ideal client in mind and are based in the Philippines, you may be able to reach these clients through paid Facebook advertisements. However, often if you can be specific, you can lower your costs by reaching more of your desired clients and thus results in more chances to be seen.

    What Business To Start With 10K In The Philippines For A Stay At Home Mom?

    There are many different home based business ideas in the Philippines, which are under 10K. A full list of exclusive home-based business opportunities for the Philippines can be found on the hyperlink.

    The best kind of business to start with 10K in the Philippines for stay at home moms is a business that has flexibility. For example, if money is tight, a popular business is blogging or starting a YouTube channel.

    For instance, if you are interested in makeup, then sharing your skills through makeup tutorials is a great way to grow your audience and earn money through various means. Alternatively, if you do not want to show your face, blogging is another popular option.

    Alternatively, if you have slightly more flexibility, an E-Commerce store (online selling) may be a more appropriate option for you. The great benefit of this business is that this can be outsourced as it is a scalable business.

    What Business To Start With 10k In The Philippines For Students?

    If you are looking for business ideas for students, it’s worth checking out our full list of opportunities for students in the Philippines on the hyperlink above.

    Many students are born in the age of technology, meaning that many students have advanced knowledge of online services and technology, which can be used to their advantage.

    An example is a student who has made many thousands buying new domain names and selling them for profit. Businesses similar to this are so popular for students because they do not interfere with studying or a student’s social life.

    Students can decide to embark on more traditional businesses (for example setting up a small food cart business); however, to make the business profitable, this may require a large amount of time or hiring external help.

    How To Become Successful In The Philippines?

    Now that we have gone over some of the best business ideas for 10K in the Philippines, How do you turn a business into a successful, profitable enterprise?

    The Philippines is such a unique country, and it is a developing country. In other words, whatever business you start, the product or service must match the want or needs of the local consumer unless you are selling overseas.

    When looking at how to become successful in the Philippines, an entrepreneur will need a robust plan, including how the business will grow and flourish. In our modern world, giving customers what they want or need is no longer enough to get a competitive edge. Your business must either be the first business of its kind or the best.

    Summary Of Business Ideas To Start With 10K In The Philippines

    Today’s article covered what businesses to start with 10K in the Philippines and included a list of seven of the hottest businesses.

    The best way to reduce overheads and maintenance costs for most businesses is to maximize profits and reduce costly expenses. Therefore many businesses can save if they can move specific tasks online.

    In general, you will find that most online businesses are cheaper than traditional businesses. As an example, blogging is a legitimate way how to earn full time income in the Philippines working from home. It has been tried and tested, and it is 100% legitimate, but that does not always mean that it is easy. However, it shows that businesses can be started fairly cheaply and still make a full time income.

    When looking at what businesses to start with 10K in the Philippines, It is wise to look at your potential clients. Setting up an online business compared to a traditional business opens up the doors to customers worldwide, which can be very profitable in many industries.


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