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Business For Beginners Philippines 2024

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    Setting a business in the Philippines is an exciting and rewarding task, but what are the best businesses for beginners in the Philippines? Today we have 8 hot businesses for beginners in the Philippines that are perfect for entrepreneurs starting their entrepreneurial journey.

    Bonus: Included is the best business tips for a beginner and the steps needed to set up a successful business in the Philippines.

    Business For Beginners In The Philippines 2022

    Facebook / Instagram Ad Business

    Ad businesses are growing rapidly as more people utilize social media, becoming one of the best businesses for beginners In The Philippines, especially post covid.

    Some companies do not have the time to operate a successful social media marketing funnel.

    Many skills needed for this business can be learned through free courses and webinars. If you are confident and have the right skills, designing a lead funnel on social media is a great way to capture attention.

    Starting A Laundry Business

    Often laundry businesses run based on the weight of the laundry. However, from the data, it seems that the business location and the load determine laundry business profitability.

    In other words, it shows that laundry businesses that are set up in tourist areas or the prime area make the most cash on average. One of the main reasons this is an excellent business for beginners in the Philippines is due to the operations, labor, equipment, and other essential business needs that are relatively straightforward.

    Begin A Bakery Business

    Who doesn’t like a beautiful fresh piece of bread or some hot doughnuts? A bakery business is something that requires a drive for baking with a profitable return of investment, making it one of the best business ideas for beginners in the Philippines.

    With this Business, your location is critical, as this can make or break your business. The number one reason a bakery business is such an excellent business for beginners in the Philippines is because of scalability.  

    You will often bake the same product using the same ingredients and perhaps even using the same promotions with baking. Many successful bakeries also use online services such as foodpanda to expand growth.

    Opening A Dance Studio Business

    Being a dance studio business owner does not mean you need to be a dancer or teacher. Instead, this means owning the studio so that dance teachers or dance schools can rent your facilities for a weekly or monthly fee.

    This is often an excellent opportunity for those entrepreneurs in the Philippines who are looking for a relatively passive business. However, all businesses are not entirely 100%  passive. This business may require maintenance to uphold the studio(s) in a prestigious condition. For example, fitting new lights, cleaning the air conditioning unit, etc.

    The downside is that purchasing a unit can be expensive. Take a look at the business tips for beginners in the Philippines below for more details on expanding this business opportunity.

    Staring A Food Cart Business

    A food cart business in the Philippines is a growing business opportunity for those passionate about cooking!

    We did a whole article about food cart businesses in the Philippines and spoke about how to differentiate your business for maximin profits!

    A food cart business is an excellent business… In fact, it could be one of the best businesses for beginners in the Philippines because it can be managed with a relatively low start-up and maintenance cost. But, on the other hand, there are a few threats to the Business. However, these tend to be situated around competition and the location itself.

    Earn Pesos Online Via An Affiliate Business

    An affiliate business is a way you can earn a commission from the sale of other people’s products. You will receive a commission for each sale. There are also many other affiliate websites and other brands that offer this program.

    One growing business for beginners in the Philippines is a business that can earn money through affiliation. Example – Youtube channel, social media profit, or even our next business idea, and that is a blog.

    Do you want to know if Blogging / Affiliate marketing is one of the best businesses for beginners in the Philippines? We would recommend checking BlogSchool.PH. Talking about blogs, the next best business for beginners in the Philippines is ….

    Start A Blog / Vlog Channel

    In present times, business owners can increase income streams from their websites and online sales through the power of blogs. Those who don’t have a business use blogging to provide a service and monetize content by selling courses, products and monetizing adverting.

    Why is this an excellent business for beginners in the Philippines? Because blogging can be started with little cash, and your only limitation is time. Please take a look at our business tips for beginners in the Philippines section below for more details.

    Opening A eBook Writing Business

    eBooks are digital downloadable PDF files that are sold online. The great thing about eBooks is that you can sell them to the whole world! Profit can be high due to low maintenance costs. Also, consider any advertisement costs.

    There are a few different routes open to you if you would like to start this Business. For example, you could decide to turn your writing into ghostwriting for other people’s ebooks or sell your own. In addition, Digital products have a high-income level if you can team up with affiliates.

    Business Tips For Beginners In The Philippines 2022

    Focus On The Small Wins

    When starting a business, it’s very common to worry about big companies and competition. Instead of doing this, an excellent idea for a small business in the Philippines is to focus on the small wins that are easily achievable. As you start to progress your business, the small wins will become bigger and bigger and bring you more opportunities and profit. But while you are still growing, it’s best to focus on the small wins every day.

    Always Do The Math

    As we know, the math side of the business is not always the most enjoyable. Because of this, we often neglect specific tasks that need to be completed. If you have ever been excited about a new opportunity, you know that excitement can sometimes overwhelm logic. However, when looking at businesses for beginners in the Philippines, doing the maths involves working through your product cost, any advertisements, services that may be required from you, and making sure that you can profit.

    Focus On The Customers

    As everybody knows, customers are the sole of the business. Without customers, we have no business; therefore, they are all are V.I.P.s. What do your customers want from your product or service? Are they looking to gain something educational? Are they looking to achieve a particular image? Do they want to stop a specific pain point? Once we have the answers, then we can deliver the business straight to the customers.

    Seek Help And Assistance

    When we look at a business for beginners in the Philippines, we see lots of different opportunities. But one thing that is not seen very often is asking for assistance. There is sometimes a feeling that you should know it all, but in reality, we often need to seek assistance to help us overcome trouble and hurdles in business. I know that people can be challenging at times, especially when it comes to business, but many people can help you and are willing to do so.

    Start-up Business Steps In The Philippines 2022

    Your Plan

    When we are looking for business tips for beginners in the Philippines, we must look at the number 1 tip, and that is also the number 1 step, and that is to have a plan. A plan does not have to be completely solid. Therefore, we can change our strategy and amend this in the future if we need to. Your plan could include all of the below steps we are about to go over but in a little more detail.

    It’s a great idea to plan out your business, but don’t get too hung up on planning. In other words, it’s essential to know when it is time to take action.

    When looking at your plan, try to include a few basics. For example, where will you be selling, and what is your product or service? How is it different from your competition, and how will you make your first ten sales?

    When you are looking to start a business for beginners in the Philippines, it’s also good to look at your customer base, A.K.A, your market, which leads us onto our next stage.

    Your Market

    The market is a significant part of any business. Whether you are a new business or an experienced entrepreneur market is the foundation of your Business. Therefore we must find out as much information about them to tailor our business towards the customer.

    For example, if you decide to set up a food cart business in the Philippines and sell hamburgers because that’s what you enjoy cooking, what about your customer’s needs? Would they also like a drink with their meal, or perhaps you could offer a special “meal deal” promotion?

    This is only a quick and simple example, but it shows that knowing and understanding our customers can help us massively on the road to success.

    Start to ask yourself…

    • Who Are My Customer?
    • What Are Their Habits?
    • Why Do They Buy?
    • What Do You Enjoy Out My Product / Service?
    • How Can I Add More Value To Them?

    Your Usp / Esp


    Now that we know what a U.S.P and E.S.P are, we are already 10 steps ahead of other entrepreneurs! If you’re looking to become unique and a pioneer in your industry, then you will need to have a U.S.P. and an E.S.P. For example, Let’s take the famous Jollibee. One of its unique selling points is its food. Its emotional selling point is its connection with the Philippines on a cultural level.

    Therefore because of Jollibee’s unique selling point and emotional selling point, they have dominated the fast-food industry in the Philippines against large chain corporations such as McDonald’s.

    Jollibee itself has many unique selling points and emotional selling points, but for your Business, you do not need to think of 10 different selling points. All you will need to focus on is one of each and build your brand. Be the best in your industry and let customers see you the same way they see other businesses(with professionalism and respect).

    Your Market

    “There’s a gap in the market, but is there a market in the gap?!” This means that you may have a great business idea, but will your customers want to buy your product or service? If you are going against some big corporations, then it’s even more important to have a unique selling point and an emotional selling point, which we mentioned above.

    At this stage, it’s a great idea to understand your market and what trends are happening within the market. The trend in my market is that the readers are now being turned into viewers on YouTube; because of this, I can grow my website by YouTubing, which is where my market is.

    Your Fiances

    When looking to find a business for beginners in the Philippines, it’s often a daunting experience to look at your financial situation. But it is a task that needs to be thoroughly analyzed as there may be hurdles in the future that appear if your financial strategy is not evaluated.

    When looking at your financial plan, it’s essential to focus on how much this business will cost you? How many sales are you going to need to break even? What is your profit margin, and how much tax will you need to pay each year?

    Your Growth Strategy

    Lastly, when looking to start a business for beginners in the Philippines, you will find a growth strategy, especially in the early days of business. This stage does not have to be complicated; this could be a simple process like selling a different product or selling to a different market in the future. Growth is significant to every small business in the Philippines, and the great thing about this business is that often, there are many opportunities to maximize your profits for the business for beginners in the Philippines.

    What Are The Best Businesses For Beginners In The Philippines

    The best businesses for beginners in the Philippines are businesses that can be operated online. Online businesses are typically the best for beginners because start-up costs are much lower, risks are minimized, and highly scalable online businesses.

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    Business For Beginners In The Philippines

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