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7 Best Business Ideas In Manila Philippines

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    What are the best businesses to start in Manila? This is a great question, and surprisingly, most small and medium-sized businesses are located in the Manila area, so with this in mind, let’s look at the 7 best business ideas in Manila, Philippines.

    Best Business Ideas In Manila Philippines

    Small Business Services

    As mentioned in the introduction, the capital is home to most small and medium-sized registered businesses in the Philippines. This offers a fantastic opportunity for business services (B2B). These types of businesses can be anything from accounting and bookkeeping to designing and marketing.


    Manila is a perfect location to start a YouTube business. There are several different options and opportunities across the capital. Some focus on travel channels, while others focus on foods and vlogging. Recently we spoke about how much money you can make from 1,000,000 views in the Philippines! I’ve added the full article above for your reference.

    Real Estate & Referral Agents

    Real estate in the Philippines is a hot topic, and in general, real estate is one of the best business ideas in Manila due to the fast-growing economy and expansion of the cities. Makati historically has seen some tremendous growth. However, there are several other growing locations. A real estate business can be in the form of an agency or a referral agent, which can be very profitable.

    Auto Repair Businesses

    One thing we all know about Manila is that the traffic is horrendous. However, this does offer a fantastic opportunity for auto repair businesses. Some focus on motorbikes and scooters, while others focus on larger vehicles. Like many businesses, finding the right location is important when starting your business in Manila.

    Food Cart Businesses

    Today we released a very detailed article about the most common types of businesses in the Philippines, and one of those common businesses is a food cart business. Food cart businesses can be started in Manila independently or via a franchise. These options have pros and cons; therefore, market research is key.


    As a growing area – Manila has plenty of opportunities in the freelancing industry. Examples include freelance writing, freelance modeling, freelance photography, and other freelancing opportunities. If you are undecided about what freelancing options are available in the Philippines, we have a handy guide that explores unique freelancing opportunities on platforms such as Fiverr.

    Coffee & Café Business

    One of the best business ideas in Manila is a coffee or cafe business. The industry at large is booming, and even though there is some difficult competition, there are still plenty of gaps within the market. Alternatively, entrepreneurs could start a supplying or coffee bean business. Feel free to download the business plan template, which can be found in the menu.

    Best Business Ideas In Manila Philippines