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9 Best Business For Beginners Philippines 2024

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    Starting a business in the Philippines can be challenging, but you can turn your skills and talent into a profitable business with the right approach and business idea. Today’s article will cover one of the biggest business questions: what are the best businesses for beginners in the Philippines.

    We will also be covering other businesses for beginners in the Philippines and highlighting references where you can find other business ideas in the Philippines, including a list of 300 business examples and business ideas in the Philippines for beginners.

    Best Business For Beginners In The Philippines

    This section will look at the best businesses for beginners in the Philippines and briefly explain the businesses. Today, many of these business ideas have in-depth articles dedicated to looking at how to start the business and how much money you can earn. So please feel free to click on the references throughout this article For more information.

    Blogging, YouTubing, Vlogging & Podcasting

    Perhaps one of the best businesses for beginners in the Philippines is also one of the easiest. This is not to say that it is easy to be a successful Blogger or a YouTuber; however, to start the business is relatively simple because there is so much information online to help you on your way.

    However, starting a successful business in the Philippines by blogging, YouTubing, vlogging, or podcasting is slightly different. This can take a significant amount of time. I have a friend who lives in Thailand, and her channel has over 1,000,000 subscribers, but it took her over 10 years to reach that amount. Unfortunately, the only downside to this kind of business is time.

    Nonetheless, there are many ways you can start earning money from this business. For example, affiliate marketing in the Philippines can be one of the best businesses in the Philippines if you have a blog or a YouTube channel. It’s essentially a way to earn a commission on products and services.

    Many well-known bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters in the Philippines use affiliate marketing to increase the monetization of their content.

    Exploring Reselling & Flipping In The Philippines

    Reselling and flipping in the Philippines is a unique business. One of the reasons it is one of the best business ideas for beginners in the Philippines is because reselling and flipping can be started relatively quickly. Therefore, profit can be earned in a minimal amount of time.

    Similar to blogging and YouTubing, this business idea in the Philippines is not necessarily the easiest as you will need to make some critical decisions, and it does carry with it a degree of research; however, it is one of the best businesses for beginners in the Philippines as there are lots of opportunities and profit can in some cases be high.

    Many things can be flipped. When we think of flipping, we tend to think about real estate, but there are many different flipping types across many categories.

    For example, domain flipping is a growing sideline business in the Philippines that involves purchasing high-value domain names to resell later. When it comes to this kind of business, a key phrase to remember is that – you make your money when you buy and not when you sell, which means that the purchase price is critical.

    Start An Esty Selling Business

    We have previously covered how to start an Esty selling business in the Philippines, which I have attached for your reference if you are interested in selling on Esty full time.

    But what exactly is Esty? How can you earn money from this business? Esty has many different categories, but its primary purpose is to differentiate itself from other giants such as Amazon and eBay to focus on selling personalized homemade items.

    This is a great business opportunity for those who can design or purchase items and sell them for a higher price in other countries. The great thing about selling on Esty Is that you can reach a large audience. Some successful entrepreneurs have managed to turn this small business idea into a full-time business.

    Food Cart Business In The Philippines

    One of the most well-known things about the Philippines and the people of the Philippines is the delicious Filipino food. Therefore, starting a food cart business is a unique and enjoyable experience, especially if you have some skills in the kitchen.

    We have covered a complete guide on starting a food cart business in the Philippines, which you can visit the reference above for more details. To summarise this article, when starting a food cart business, you essentially have two different options. To franchise or to start a food cut business alone.

    There are pros and cons to each option, but two of the most important things to focus on when starting a food cart business are the location and the product.

    If you’re starting a new business as a beginner in the Philippines, spending a lot of your planning time focusing on these areas will often be wise. Of course, you do not need to stick to your plan, as business plans can often change as the business progresses. Still, careful consideration is recommended during the early stages of business.

    Freelance Writing Business

    Do you have a talent for writing, or are you naturally gifted with your speech? If so, you can turn freelance writing into a full-time business. I write “gifted with speech” in the second part of that sentence because now there are more and more voice services that allow you to turn your voice into text, which minimizes the time you need to write.

    There are many different opportunities to start a freelance writing business in the Philippines; most individuals use websites such as Fiver or Upwork and offer their services.

    You could be working on a large book or a small article or even reviewing a product. There are many different writing demands for Filipino writers, and it seems that this demand is increasing.

    We have spoken about starting a freelance writing business in the Philippines and covered more details, including starting and making a successful business in the Philippines from freelance writing. The information has been attached above for your reference.

    Home Cleaning Service

    When looking at the best businesses for beginners in the Philippines, we have to look at a few different categories: how specific a business is, how much profit a business can make, and how easy it is to start it.

    A home cleaning business is one of those businesses that tick all the boxes. However, many successful small cleaning businesses focus on a specific niche.

    This niche can include a specific area, or it could include a particular type of property. Starting a home cleaning service concentrating on one area is often a wise idea. This will allow you to focus on your clients more effortlessly, and you can build your strategy clearer with this information.

    Start A Load Business In The Philippines

    Over the last few years, starting a loan business in the Philippines has been a popular topic. There are many areas to consider when starting this business: the location, the loading method, becoming a retailer, promoting your business, Etc.

    Thanks to Gcash, starting a loading business has become much more manageable. For those interested in Gcash, we have spoken about investment and saving on the Gcash app previously, which may be of interest to you.

    Lastly, it can often be started with a very low capital when starting a loading business compared to other types of businesses. Nonetheless, finding your expenses and startup costs is always essential before starting a small business in the Philippines. Feel free to look at our business plan, which can be found at the top of this page, For more information.

    Become An Online English Teacher In The Philippines (Or Tagalog)

    English is the most in-demand language globally. One of the Philippines ‘ strengths is the high level of spoken English from Filipinos. This could be turned into an advantage, especially if you are looking to start an English teaching business in the Philippines.

    English teaching is not the only type of teaching; however, there are indeed opportunities if you prefer to teach Tagalog. Of course, your clients will mainly be looking to live in the Philippines. Still, as many Filipinos speak excellent English, the demand for learning Tagalog is not as high as other languages.

    We have spoken about becoming an online English teacher, which I will attach as a reference, but this is more related to companies looking for Filipino teachers. Nonetheless, if you can start teaching English with a company, it builds the experience that will be needed. One other benefit is that this business is highly scalable.

    Start Your Own Real Estate Business

    When looking at the best businesses for beginners in the Philippines, a real estate business may not be top of your list; however, there is a large amount of education and resources for real estate in the Philippines, and there are strong career paths for those who are looking for a challenge.

    What makes a good real estate agent in the Philippines? are they friendly, professional, and honest? If you have what it takes to be a real estate agent or open up your own real estate business, then it is indeed a fascinating time at present.

    This is because, over the last few years, the Philippines ‘ real estate developments have seen significant amounts of demand. In addition, some statistics suggest a large number of foreigners from China and other countries are investing in certain parts of the Philippines.

    Condominiums and houses are often high value; the commission you or your business could earn can be substantial, which means that you may only need to sell a few properties each month to have a fantastic income.

    Other Businesses For Beginners In The Philippines

    So now that we’ve covered a list of the best business for beginners in the Philippines, how about other businesses? As we know, starting a business can be challenging, and there may be some hurdles, such as financial hurdles. The list below is an exclusive list of different opportunities to find more relevant information about starting a beginner business in the Philippines.

    For those looking for a business plan, you can download the free plan above. For more information about businesses in the Philippines, feel free to reach out to us on our YouTube channel!

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