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11 Best Business For Ladies Philippines

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    Best Business For Ladies In The Philippines: Are you a female entrepreneur in the Philippines looking for the best small business ideas? If so, then today, we have you covered! But, of course, starting a business is not the most straightforward task. Still, many niches can be profitable for women entrepreneurs of the Philippines. So, with this being said, let’s take a look at some of the best businesses for ladies.

    Best Business For Ladies In The Philippines

    Mommy Blogger / Youtuber

    Online content creating is a large industry, but now there are certainly gaps within the current market. Nevertheless, many successful content creators have grown to success as they have been able to find a unique topic, or they have been able to deliver it in a special way.

    Starting a mommy blog in the Philippines or starting a student blog in the Philippines are two topics we have previously mentioned. These blog examples explore the niches in much more detail but what’s important to remember is that you often need a niche to be a successful content creator unless you have a large amount of marketing or influence.

    Mommy blogs are growing in the Philippines and are perfect examples of a specific niche. Viewers want to find a content creator who is relatable and provides information. This is one of the secrets when trying to find the best businesses for ladies in the Philippines.


    Editors can take many different forms. Most often, editing can be in the form of editing an article but can also be editing videos and audio.

    If you like the idea of starting a freelancing business as a woman in the Philippines, then I would recommend checking out our full article on how to make money on fiver in the Philippines as we dived into the world of freelancing and covered opportunities similar to editing.

    Nonetheless, editing can be an excellent business for ladies in the Philippines as it is a flexible business and has a great deal of scalability for a driven entrepreneur.

    Voice Over Artist

    Voice-overs are a highly underrated profession that has also seen an upward trend over the last few years. Here at Filipino Wealth HQ, we work with many Filipino voice-over artists to create our videos on YouTube.

    The rate voice-over artists charge will vary depending on the country industry and the number of words. If you are a new voice-over artist, it’s recommended to lower your cost slightly to build up testimonies and a client base, and once you have the experience, you can then increase your price range. Nonetheless, this is a suggestion only.

    This is an excellent business for ladies in the Philippines, as psychology has shown that some female voices can be more influential in marketing and business. Therefore, some businesses (this will depend on the industry) are looking for female voice-over artists. Fiverr, Upwork, TaskRabbit, and other freelancing platforms are often great places to start.

    Life coaching / Mentoring

    Personal coaching is not something new and is a large industry, but personal mentoring is also a growing trend, as we’ve seen over the years.

    If you are a female entrepreneur in the Philippines, you may wish to obtain support and guidance from another entrepreneur who has faced similar experiences to yourself. This is why many women also prefer female mentors, but this is not always the case.

    Mentoring does not have to be specifically about business. For example, when looking at the best businesses for single women in the Philippines or businesses for moms in the Philippines, etc., you will have plenty of options from business to healthcare to personal savings.

    Freelance writer

    Freelance writing is very similar to editing. In my experience, I’ve met many people who enjoy editing but do not enjoy freelance writing and also those who enjoy freelance writing but do not enjoy editing. Still, maybe you are someone who enjoys both… If so, you have a few different options. In this case, we will be looking at freelance writing.

    With the high levels of English and general education in the Philippines, it’s no surprise that many businesses worldwide are outsourcing to the Philippines. In fact, starting a call center in the Philippines can be a very lucrative business in this current market. Freelance writing is one of those popular tasks.

    You will find many available job opportunities all across social media, such as Facebook. Still, for those looking to earn money online in the Philippines, I would recommend signing up to freelancing platforms as discussed earlier, such as Fiverr, TaskRabbit, Upwork, and others.

    The work you will be doing differs. Some customers require a translation, so if you have a specific language outside of Filipino or English, this would be a great advantage. Other customers are looking for ebook writers and article writers for their websites.  

    Food cart business owner

    Starting a food business in the Philippines is a great idea, and it has many different opportunities depending on the location.

    When I was stationed in Cebu, I met a very successful female entrepreneur who always had a long line of customers. Naturally, I assumed she was making a great deal of cash, but what was her secret? she opened a small coffee kiosk next to two large call centers and did not have any nearby shops or other competition.

    Therefore cart businesses do not need to be food necessarily but could also be drinks. A few years ago in the Philippines, when I was researching articles to write, I came across a growing trend of business owners looking to start a milk tea business in the Philippines!

    Careful consideration should always be made with any business for ladies in the Philippines because startup costs, marketing, and product fees can all add up. Moreover, with the added maintenance costs, it’s always essential to make sure our business is profitable.

    Laundry business owner

    Over the years, there have been several stories of businesses for female entrepreneurs in the Philippines involving starting a small shop such as a laundry shop.

    Previously we have documented how to start a laundry business in the Philippines and explored a few different options, but to summarise a few points briefly…. you as a business owner have a fair amount of freedom. Still, you will need to make one decision …  start this business at home or in a shop.

    The next consideration is competition. Some heavy tourist areas of the Philippines are not large cities, but due to tourism, locals have turned these tourists into a good stream of continuous business.

    Remember, when starting a business as a woman in the Philippines or looking for business ideas for women, you will need to be the first or the best. Being the best may mean innovation. Being different is not a bad thing in business. Being different is giving customers options.

    Launch your own skincare business

    Beauty, as we know, is an enormous industry all across the world but especially in the Philippines. So when you launch your own skincare business, you can create the product yourself or get another company to create them and add your label on top. This option is referred to as private labeling.

    Previously, we have documented the stages and steps you will need to do to start a profitable skincare business in the Philippines. I have attached the link above for your reference.

    One area to highlight is FDA clearance. To legally sell beauty products and skin care products in the Philippines, your products need to be safe for the general public. This is why purchasing from a company and putting your label on top is often the most straightforward option, but it does have its pros and cons.

    If you decide to purchase skincare products, you will need to decide if you will buy products from the Philippines or other countries such as Thailand or China. If you are importing items, FDA clearance is still needed, but there is also the added task of delivery and import tax to consider.

    Become A Lazada seller

    Have you ever thought about becoming an online seller on Lazada? Of course, a Lazada seller might be a great option. But I have a special piece of advice for you.

    If you are starting to become a Lazada seller and, let’s say, for example, you have a niche of baby accessories. Then a great side business would also be to start a YouTube channel on a similar topic. This could be very beneficial for reviews and sales in the long and short term.

    Nonetheless, this is just an additional option. Lazada, unfortunately, is not as easy as it has been in the previous years. Some markets can be oversaturated, and consumers are likely to purchase items that are either a great price or have high reviews.

    Because of this, many new sellers can sometimes find selling online quite challenging. But it’s always about being wise and building a strategy.

    A friend of mine started to sell mining units for Bitcoin many years ago, but the market became very busy, and he started to lose money. Therefore, he was smart and decided to sell the CPU/GPU, essential to the mining unit. As a result, he made more money each month by selling less through his strategy.

    Open a small beach bar  

    Due to the ongoing pandemic opening a small bar in the Philippines may not be the best option; however, this is only at this current time.

    Many travelers are itching to travel back to the Philippines, and as we have progressed, we are starting to see that traveling into the Philippines is becoming slightly less restricted.

    Starting a small beach bar can be very profitable once life in the Philippines has gone back to normal. The great news is that this extra time gives an entrepreneur freedom for planning and strategy.

    It may take six or twelve months to set up a bar and get it into a good standard ready for customers, and within that time, certain areas of the Philippines may be open up to foreign tourists. Nonetheless, there is also a great deal of local tourism, so the location is key for this kind of business model.

    Start Your own lip tint business

    Our last best business for ladies in the Philippines comes from starting your own lip tint business. Similar to skincare, lip tint products need to have clearance to ensure that the product is safe for the public. But unlike skincare businesses, starting your own lip tint business can be fairly cost-effective.

    You may wish to start this business small. Meaning that you operate from your home, create the products from scratch, and sell them to local customers. From there, you can grow and scale your business in whatever direction you wish.

    Differentiation is an important word that is often overlooked when it comes to business. There are many different products on the market, so if you launch products already available on the market, the main question to ask yourself is… why is my product different?

    This will lead you on to other questions such as why will customers buy my product? Once you have some of these answers, you can then start to build your business plan. We have a free PDF business plan that can be downloaded on the link above or by clicking on the business plan at the top of this page.

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